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Rystix Interior Armafloor - hard wearing interior floor coating

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(exc VAT) £10.26 (inc VAT) £12.31


Specifically engineered formula ideal for domestic use on interior wooden floors, kitchen worktops and furniture, Rystix Armafloor provides a hard-wearing finish protecting against stains, hot objects and scratches.

At a glance

  • Reduced by 50%
  • Hard-wearing coating for interior wood floors, tables and kitchen counters
  • Available in both matt and gloss finishes
  • Highly resistant to water and other household liquid stains
  • Technologically advanced formula provides enhanced toughness, offering maximum protection
  • Enhances the natural aesthetics of wood
  • Quick drying for long-lasting protection against stains, hot objects and scratches

Hard-wearing coating for interior wood floors, tables and kitchen counters

Available in a clear gloss or clear matt finish, Rystix Armafloor is a quick drying, water based solution which provides instant, long-lasting protection with safe application.

The clear finish of Rystix Armafloor further enhances the natural beauty of the underlying timber, bringing out the beautiful grain patterns underneath.

Rystix Armafloor is particularly suited to protecting against staining or marking damage from household fluids such as water and drink spills. 

The pure acrylic, water-based formula of Rystix Armafloor creates a self crosslinking polymerised acrylic emulsion with colour enhancing technologies, offering superb hard-wearing protection from general domestic wear and tear. 

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Rystix Armafloor recommendations

  • Do not dilute or thin Rystix Armafloor
  • Rystix Armafloor is able to withstand limited exposure to UV light/direct sun and the external elements, however is ideally suited to interior application. 
  • Rystix Armafloor can also be used to seal wood in the manufacture of steam baths and saunas. 

Rystix Armafloor application instructions

  • Remove any existing coatings with a stripper or by sanding away the layer
  • Ensure the surface is dry and free from any loose fibres or dust
  • Remove any dirt, oil or grease from the surface prior to coating
  • If re-coating an existing Rystix Armafloor application as a maintenance coat, simply lightly sand the surface and clean before applying Rystix Armafloor for optimal results
  • For best results, finish the timber with fine sandpaper, following the grain direction, ensuring all loose fibres and dust is removed from the wood, including the space inbetween boards
  • Gloss coating - little, or no stirring of gloss coating is required, however ensure the tin is shaken well before opening
  • Matt coating - 'paddle' the contents with a flat stick to ensure a good mix prior to application
  • Apply Rystix Armafloor using a quality long-bristled, nylon brush, however a short pile roller can also be used
  • Take care when applying light, even coats each time, to help prevent streaking, bubbles or brush marks
  • Ensure each coat is allowed to dry before applying the next coat. The water-based solution should dry rapidly - allowing a floor to be finished within a day. Drying time varies between 1-4 hours
  • It is recommended to lightly sand the first coat to remove any loose fibres
  • Take care to remove dust inbetween each coat
  • 3 coats will normally be ideal, however porous timbers may require an additional coat depending on the desired finish

While the surface can be walked on once hard and dry, care should be taken to minimise footfall for the first couple of days, allowing Rystix Armafloor to attain its full hardness and wear resistance. 

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