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Rystix Interior Coating

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Price From: (exc VAT) £5.02 (inc VAT) £6.02

At a glance

  • Reduced by 50%
  • Low odour, scratch resistant, quick drying finish for all interior woodwork
  • Ideal, economical solution for areas with low traffic or footfall
  • Available in clear gloss or matt finish
  • Excellent general wear and tear purpose

Low odour, scratch resistant, quick drying finish for all interior woodwork

While Rystix Interior Coating is an ideal choice for general purposes due to its economical value, it is not recommended for areas where heavy traffic or footfall is expected (Rystix Interior Armafloor is suggested)

Rystix Interior Coating is a polyurethane based low odour solvent based finish which is quick drying for convenience. The high quality base polyurethane give excellent general purpose resistance against wear and tear. 

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Coverage: 1 litre will cover approximately 10 square metres when used in a three coat application, depending on the timber porosity and application.

Note: Take care to apply the coating at the recommended rate, excessive application may result in brush marks, pooling or bubbling. 

Cleaning: Clean brushes with mineral turpentine immediately after use.

Rystix Interior Coating application instructions

Before applying, stir thoroughly to prevent the drying and matting agents within the solution from separating.

Remove any dirt, dust, grease or moisture from the timber surface prior to coating.

New timber

  • It is recommended to sand the surface with a fine sandpaper in the direction of the grain, removing all dust and loose fibres before coating
  • For best results, apply lightly spread coats initially, with a fine sanding and brushing inbetween coats
  • Apply 3 or more light to medium coats.
  • Allow a minimum of 2-4 hours drying time between each coating

Old or existing coated timber

  • Remove any old coatings by stripping and sanding prior to applying Rystix Interior Coating. 
  • Once down to the unfinished timber, follow the instructions as above. 

Use a good quality, clean nylon brush for application. 

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