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Sansin Clear UV protection system

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Price From: (exc VAT) £10.00 (inc VAT) £12.00


The Sansin Clear UV system offers what is considered by many to be the ‘Holy Grail’ of the wood finish industry – a clear penetrating finish that offers protection from the harmful effects of UV and moisture, yet is barely discernible once applied, leaving the wood looking crisp and totally natural.

This two part low VOC system comprises of a base coat called Sansin Foundation™ and a top coat called Sansin SDF™ UV.

At a glance

  • This two part low VOC system comprises of a base coat called Sansin Foundation™ and a top coat called Sansin SDF™ UV, you'll need to add each stage into the basket individually.
  • Leaves wood looking totally natural
  • Preserves ‘new look’ of wood
  • Prevents discolouration of the wood
  • Low VOC content
  • Protects against damaging effects of moisture and UV
  • Easy soap and water clean up

Specially formulated wood care

A unique wood protection system that leaves wood looking new and natural

When Sansin Foundation™ is used in combination with Sansin SDF™ UV on external wood surfaces, it will provide complete protection from the elements; yet will barely change the appearance of the wood, leaving it looking totally natural.

Protection from the damaging effects of moisture

Aside from aesthetics, the advantages are numerous. This system repels moisture in the form of rain, dew and water vapour, so only a minimal amount of moisture will be absorbed and released. Because the absorption and release of moisture is the cause of wood movement, the dimensional stability is greatly increased. The fact that the wood experiences minimal movement means that checking, splitting and warping are virtually eliminated. When wood retains a high moisture content it becomes prone to algae and mould growth on the surface. The Sansin Clear UV protection system keeps the moisture content of the wood to a minimum which helps to prevent the problem.

Protection from the damaging effects of UV

The Sansin Natural wood protection system offers a high level of protection from UV. Together with moisture, UV causes both physical and chemical deterioration of wood surfaces. This deterioration includes colour changes, surface roughening, checking, cracking and importantly breakdown of the lignin which is the component that adds rigidity to the cellular walls of the wood. By protecting against the damaging effects of UV, the Sansin Natural wood protection system will keep wood looking its best and will prolong its service life.

The clearest wood finish on the market

The Sansin Natural Wood Protection System offers the highest level of clarity of any product of its type on the market. It has a milky appearance when applied and becomes virtually invisible when dry.

Environmentally friendly and safe to use

Sansin Foundation™ and Sansin SDF™ UV are water borne penetrating finishes that have a low VOC (volatile organic compound) content making them safe to use. Brushes and other application equipment can easily be cleaned with soap and water – no solvents are required.

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Step 1. Sansin Foundation
Coverage: 2.45 to 4.90 square metres per litre.

Step 2. Sansin Clear UV
Coverage: 2.45 to 6.14 square metres per litre. 

Coverage can vary depending on type of wood, age and surface structure

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