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Sansin Purity Interior Stain

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Price From: (exc VAT) £19.81 (inc VAT) £23.77


Available in a wide variety of striking colours, Purity Interior Stain is designed to penetrate deep into your wood for long-lasting, durable protection and unparalleled beauty. Designed for brush or spray application and specially formulated to prevent unsightly streaking and overlaps, Purity Interior Stain will transform your home interior with rich grain and colour.

Sansin Purity Interior Stain Zero VOC (volatile organic compound) is a penetrating environmentally-friendly stain designed for Interior wood surfaces.

At a glance

  • Rich, uniform colour for interior wood
  • Free from harmful VOC emissions
  • Special formula prevents streak and overlap marks
  • Available in 8 colour tones
  • Enhances grain and character of wood

Beautiful 0-VOC penetrating stain for wood interiors

Sansin Purity applies and spreads easily by spray or brush application. When spray applying colour Saturation is easily controlled in one easy step. It is UV resistant, fast drying, washable, zero VOCs, and nonflammable with easy soap and water clean-up.

Sansin Purity Interior Stain is water-borne and penetrates well using finely ground colorants to provide uniform color of incomparable clarity superior to water based Acrylic Stains that sit on the surface masking the true beauty of wood.

Sansin Purity Interior Stain has very low odor and applies easily, without splatter or brush marks. Its spray and drying characteristics are production friendly allowing it to be top coated quickly using Purity Floor, Glacier or Clear formulas.

Use Purity Stain or Natures Oil to achieve the optimum Clarity and Character for truly beautiful wood.


Naturally Perfect Indoor Protection

Enhance the natural warmth of your home with Sansin Purity Interiors. Designed to the exacting standards of master joiners and architects, Sansin Purity is known for extraordinary beauty and clarity of colour. A wide range of stains, finishes and oils offer durable protection against staining, dirt, odours and general wear and tear. Perhaps best of all, Sansin Purity offers the performance your home deserves - without the use of dangerous solvents.

Breathe Easy

Many interior coatings contain harsh solvents that release highly toxic fumes into the air - not just during, but even long after application. Sansin's advanced water-borne technology ensures you get all the protection and beauty associated with oil-based finishes using nature's own solvent, water. Perfect for cabinetry, shelves, floors, ceilings and walls.

Bring Your Home To Life

Inspire your imagination with a choice of more than 80 stunning colours and finishes. With the rich, lustrous beauty of Sansin Purity Interiors protecting the inside of your home, you might just never want to leave the house.

Easy To Prepare

Just follow a few basic steps and Sansin will bond molecularly with your wood for years of durable protection. Prepare the surface by checking for defects and deterioration; remove existing coatings and sand if necessary.

Easy To Apply

When you choose Sansin, you are giving your wood the attention and protection it deserves. Pick the Sansin formula that suits your wood surface and apply by spraying, rolling or brushing. For existing structures spraying, followed by back-brushing is recommended for best results.

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