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Biowash Stain Prep - Mill Glaze Away

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Quick Overview

  • 250g bag
  • Cleans and prepares wood for coating
  • Conditions wood by washing away acid residue
  • Allow for immediate coating application with Natural Deck Oil™ without the need to allow wood to season.

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Stain Prep - Mill Glaze Away will extend the life of a coating by stabilizing the pH and opening the pores of wood. Other acid or bleach based preparation products do not leave wood in the proper condition for waterborne coatings such as SUPERNATURAL® and NATURAL DECK OIL™.

-Cleans and prepares wood for coating
-Quickly cleans dirt and water stains
-Removes planer crush (Mill Glaze)
-Conditions wood by washing away acid residue
-Protects surface with a natural borate treatment
-Water rinse clean up
-Easy to use
-Maximizes coating performance GUARANTEED
-One 250g bag makes 9.5 litres
-Contains a natural borate wood treatment
-Contains no bleach, TSP or caustic soda



250g plastic bag


What is Mill Glaze?

"Mill glaze" is a term used by the coatings industry to define the smooth glossy-like surface that develops on newly milled timber. This glossy surface or "mill glaze" is caused by planers and saw blades turning at extremely high speeds. The high temperature and pressure can literally polish the wood to a glaze-like condition. It is these shiny looking or mill glazed areas that prevent proper coating penetration and adhesion resulting in premature peeling and failure.

Use of STAIN PREP - MILL GLAZE AWAY® will allow for immediate coating application with Natural Deck Oil™ without the need to allow wood to season. Standard practice has been to allow new-wood to weather unprotected for up to 90 days. This weathering process solves the problem of mill glaze through exposure of wood to sun and water. However, outdoor exposure to sunlight (ultraviolet radiation) and water can cause wood to discolour.

STAIN PREP™ helps protects against wood rot, mould and mildew with a natural borate wood treatment. Protect new wood decks, fences, siding and other structures when you build them so they retain their natural look. Prewash with STAIN PREP™ and immediately coat with Natural Deck Oil™ before greying and weathering begin. Use STAIN PREP™ on pressure (CCA) treated timber to condition the surface before painting or staining. If wood surface appears grey and weathered, use WOODWASH™. If wood needs heavy duty cleaning use Simple Wash™ then STAIN PREP™.



Prepare new wood to accept a finish with STAIN PREP - MILL GLAZE AWAY®

  1. Dissolve contents into 9 litres of warm water (above 27°C).
  2. Apply with mop, sponge, brush, roller or garden sprayer.
  3. Wait 5-15 minutes then agitate with brush.
  4. Rinse with water.
  5. Allow wood to be dry-to-touch before applying new coating.



Up to 46 square metres per 250g bag (depending on surface).


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Stain Prep Directions for Use

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