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Case Study - Douglas Macmillan Hospice

Silva Timber's Certi-label Western Red Cedar Shingles have been used on three new care units at Douglas Macmillan Hospice, North Staffordshire.

Western Red Cedar Shingles - Douglas Macmillan Hospice

For patients requiring palliative care, Douglas Macmillan Hospice aim to provide the very best quality of life possible. As the hospice has grown in recent years, the organisation required new care units for patients in order to expand their services.

With a background in creating unique and special environments for various hospices, KKE Architects were chosen to undertake the design. From here the designs lead KKE to discuss Certi-grade Western Red Cedar No.1 Grade Blue Label Shingles with the customer support team at Silva Timber and ultimately specify Silva's Shingles for the project.

Douglas Macmillan required three units for their hospice, with Certi-grade Western Red Cedar No.1 Grade Blue Label Shingles making an ideal choice, not only for the roof, but the wall cladding too. 

The units were designed using ther PassivHaus philiosophy which through super-insulation, avoiding cold bridging and maximising solar gain, saves up to 90% on traditional building fuel costs. A ground source heat pump was installed to generate low-temperature water for underfloor heating, meaning any additional heat used will be a top up to an already efficient system rather than an compensating for heat that traditional leaks from windows, doors, floors and roofs. 

Western Red Cedar Shingles - Douglas Macmillan Hospice

Silva's Certigrade Western Red Cedar Shingles made perfect sense for the roofing and cladding project, as KKE Architects commented, "Western Red Cedar Blue Label No.1 Grade Shingles were specified for the roof and wall cladding as they look good visually, weather well and fit easily into the the rural setting. They are sustainable, trap carbon emissions through carbon capture and have a very low embodied energy as they are produced using a relatively simple process." 

Shingles are a beautiful product which have been proven to be a superior material for roof and wall cladding, providing durability, warmth and resistance to extremes of wind and weather. Their natural appearance help finish buildings with stunning effect, with Douglas Macmillan Hospice being a prime example.

The 3 self-contained units which make up the Intermediate Care Unit sit separately within the grounds of the Douglas Macmillan Hospice. They are used for short term stays, typically 1 to 3 weeks by patients who are ready to be discharged from hospice care but may not feel ready to fully cope at home. It also works the other way round, for people who need assistance with settling into the hospice. The Units have enough space for relatives to stay, providing a home from home with the benefit of an on-site nurse and further medical backup from the hospice if required.  

Western Red Cedar Shingles - Douglas Macmillan Hospice

About Certi-label Western Red Cedar Shingles

Certi-label Western Red Cedar Shingles & Shakes are inspected by legitimate, third party agencies, accredited by the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau, ensuring quality and consistency from bundle to bundle.

Not all cedar shake and shingle products are alike. Certi-label products, manufactured by Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau members, assure you of the highest quality standards. Member mills have committed to consistent quality through independent third-party inspections by accredited agencies. Each bundle of product has the mill's distinctive Certi-label tucked under the bundle strap. Asking for "the blue label" or "number one blue label" is not specific enough.

Be aware that just because a supplier puts a label in a blue colour on its bundles does not mean that it’s on grade or third party inspected. Certigrade Western Red Cedar Shingles are inspected by legitimate, third party agencies, accredited by the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau.

Silva Timber are the only member of the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau outside of North America. The Bureau monitors and inspects member mills to ensure product quality, grading rules and consistency of Certi-Label cedar shingles and shakes are maintained. 

Silva Timber have a wide range of Western Red Cedar Shingles available from stock for immediate delivery across the UK, or ordered and collected direct from our showrooms in Cheshire and West London. For more information on Western Red Cedar Blue Label Shingles click here. Alternatively, to discuss our Shingle range please contact us.

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Architects: KKE Architects | Twitter: @KKEarchitects

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