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Case Study - Shingles Transform French Home

Project Summary

Silva's Eastern White Cedar Shingles transform Jean-Luc's 20 year old house in France and result in yet another glowing testimonial for the Silva team.....

French Home


The Requirements

Jean-Luc has had a passion for building in wood for many years. In the 1980's, turning this passion into reality was difficult in his area due to a lack of contractors, suppliers and general administrative difficulties so he took the traditional concrete blocks approach to fit with other buildings in the vicinity.

After 20 years the exterior walls of his property needed some work. Jean-Luc wanted to give the house a unique look which would improve its aesthetic appeal, yet conform with the surrounding buildings.

He decided to experiment with the New England shingled style and initiated some research in his home country but was not convinced by his findings. Jean-Luc found two stockists with professional looking websites in Germany and in the UK and was impressed with the quality of Silva's website, as well as the wide range of products on offer. Following conversations with one of the members of the Customer Services team, Jean-Luc was convinced that Silva would be able to meet his expectations.


Product Specification

Eastern White Cedar Shingles Premium Grade ('A' Extra)

  • Superior grade with no imperfections
  • Suitable for roofs or walls of residential or commercial buildings
  • Fine grained and pale brown in colour
  • Kiln dried for greater stability and durability
  • Good adhesion capacity for finish and stain


French Home



Silva's Eastern White Cedar Shingles are perfectly adapted for Jean-Luc's external renovation project. The shingles' natural colour ages to a beautiful silver grey, providing a good match with the surrounding houses in the area.

Silva's shingles are re-squared and rebutted after being cut, saving time on installation and creating an impeccable final finish, a major factor for Jean-Luc's exacting standards.

The natural durability of the shingles means that they are a low maintenance option for Jean-Luc's house, retaining their appearance and resisting moisture, decay and insect damage for years to come (There are examples of white cedar shingles which have lasted well over 100 years).


French Home


Customer Testimonial

Jean-Luc comments "It was a pleasure to deal with Silva's sales team. They had an extremely professional approach, provided instant responses to my emails and delivering the goods promptly and well packed. I was so impressed by both the service and the price that I even decided to buy some tins of stain from Silva too.

I would use Silva Timber again without hesitation and would be happy to recommend the company to anyone. I have rarely dealt with a group of people more professional!"

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  • Responsible purchaser
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