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Case Study - Siberian Larch cladding specified for Nursery

Silva Timber's Siberian Larch cladding creates a welcoming new atmosphere for a nursery in Greater Manchester.

Operating three child care centres in the Greater Manchester region, Fledglings Nursery specialise in the care of children from birth to eleven years. Offering everything a child requires during their formative years of development, Fledglings were looking to renovate their existing nursery in Irlam, to foster a welcoming environment with a modern appearance.

Silva Timber Siberian Larch Cladding

Following consultation with their contractors, Fledglings specified Silva Timber's Siberian Larch Channel cladding. With an overlapping, interlocking system, Siberian Larch Channel Cladding provides an attractive shadow line effect for an interesting visual appeal.

Silva Timber's Siberian Larch cladding is an extremely popular product for commercial cladding. Being kiln dried, all boards have a controlled moisture content allowing for immediate installation and no acclimitisation necessary on-site. Siberian Larch readily accepts finish, meaning the boards can be protected against UV damage and weathering or moisture damage. Fledglings opted for Biowash Natural Deck Oil to protect their cladding which is easy and safe to apply and maintain. 

Siberian Larch cladding

The appeal of Siberian Larch extends beyond it's aesthetics. Siberian Larch is naturally resistant to decay and rot, and is particularly stable, durable and resistant to scratches or dents with a Janka Scale rating of 1,100 lbs/in2 for a product which will stand the test of time for decades. 

Silva Timber's Siberian Larch cladding is FSC Certified and originates from 'slow grown' forests which creates a higher proportion of heartwood for a tight grain, increasing the cladding's durability.

Complementing the brickwork and glass enveloping the building, Silva Timber's Siberian Larch cladding looks beautiful on the contemporary designed building. With a selection of trees and greenery surrounding the nursery, Siberian Larch allows the building to blend in with the landscape for a harmonious appearance.

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