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Case Study - Sioo:x Wood Protection specified by award winning architect

Karlsson Wachenfeldt Architects are an innovative architectural practice based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Their private and public sector clients have high demands on architectural design, aesthetics and functionality.


Sioo:x on Building


This has led to a wide business scope including housing, public buildings, urban and landscape planning, design and large municipal assignments of varying nature. The practice sets out to bring an extra dimension to their work stimulating the senses of users, builders and clients.


Led by senior partner Johan von Wachenfeldt, the practice have an extensive portfolio of iconic projects across Sweden and won the Boras Urban Architecture Award in 2012 for 18 passive houses located in a dramatic forest.


It was in looking for the extra dimension to finish and protect the exterior of his newimber spruce clad home, with extensive decking in a lakeside island setting, that led Johan to specify Sioo&rsquo:x;s wood protection products. “ I knew exactly what I wanted, a house that over time becomes silver grey, very silver grey. I looked and looked and  could not find any treatment that retained the natural wood appearance. I could not find any other option than to let the natural wood stand outside for a very long time. So it would take a great many years before I got the look I wanted. Then I heard of Sioo:x which speeds up this natural process”. 


It is this confidence that led Johan to specify Sioo:x for the treatment and protection of the spruce timber used extensively on a school that he designed in his community located on the island of Öckerö west of Gothenburg.


Sioo:x on School


The climate on the island can be wet and windy with airborne salt being a particular threat to wood. In this challenging climate the community’s experience is that wood finished with normal colour systems has to be recoated at least every 8 years and common wood treatment more frequently. The Öckerö school is clad in a high quality spruce which was supplied directly by Sioo:x having been pretreated in a spraying machine with two coats of Sioo:x Wood Protection and one coat of Sioo:x Surface Protection to meet a specified life of 12 – 15 years. The community of Öckerö are very satisfied with the result and are now building a day care centre with the same Sioo:x wood system.


Sioo:x is gaining increasing attention from innovative and discerning architects such as Johan. The silicon technology used by Sioo:x is being seen to solve the decades old problems of short life, poor resistance to algae and vermin attack, UV discolouration and impact on the environment caused by conventional biocide based products.


Silva Timber are the UK distributor for Sioo:x Wood Protection. For more information click here

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