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Case Study - Sioo:x Protects Vann Spa Hotel

Opened in March 2009, this design-led spa hotel sits on west Sweden's scenic Bouhuslan coast. The Vann Spa is set in a nature reserve overlooking Gullmar Fjord.

Vann Spa was created under the architectural direction of Gert Wingardh, the creator of the Swedish embassies in Washington and Berlin, plus many realised building in Sweden and metropolitan Gothenburg.

Vann Spa is beautifully situated and takes inspiration from the Gullmar Fjord and the surrounding coastal environment. It is an eco-certified hotel sitting in the nature reserve in the fjord neighbouring Sweden's only marine conservation area. With it's unique marine life, Gullmar is the only threshold fjord and has been appointed with marine protection.

Sioo:x Wood Protection - Vann Spa   

Beautiful high quality pine from the northern forests of Sweden and local Bohuslan granite have been incorporated throughout the hotel ensuring that it blends seamlessly with the environment both inside and out. There are many outdoor terraces, apartment balconies and conference and sun rooms clad in Pine. 

To be selected to provide protection for the large quantity of wood specified throughout the Vann Spa by a world leading architect is a testimony to the performance of Sioo:x. First and foremost, there was a need to meet the high environmental demands in a sensitive conservation area. Along with this there was requirement to provide long life minimum maintenance protection. In a nature reserve setting there was an objective for the protective timber finish to look natural and mature gracefully. It had to look good and be totally friendly to people and the environment. "We always try to transcend the ordinaries of the brief,' says Gert Wingardh.

Sioo Wood Protection

Sioo:x had to work and perform seamless in the spa with people walking it's wood terraces, using its many pools, saunas, treatment and excercise rooms and be friendly to the magnificent fjord on the doorstep. Over the years Sioo:x has passed all of these tests with its natural ingredients being shown to compliment the beautiful wood surrounding Vann Spa.

The result is a very happy customer and a high level of satisfaction with all parties involved. Vann Spa and the constructor are very impressed with the properties of the Sioo:x product. The customer comments, "how easy it is to clean the Sioo:x treated surfaces...after a long barbecue season there is no grease left on the wood surfaces".

Sioo:x Vann Spa

Their enthusiasm has led to Sioo:x now being used in many other major construction projects by leading players such as Skanska, Veidekke and PEAB.

Wigardhs Architects through architect Per Rioaho says he "is very satisfied with Sioo:x's performance on Vann Spa and has specified Sioo:x on several other projects."

B.R.A Construction were so impressed that they went on to build a large residential area in Gothenburg with heat treated pine decking and Sioo:x impregnated oak panelling. 



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