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Case Study - Sioo:x puts timber back on specification table for top architect

Clive Panter, Director of Architecture at Lewis and Hickey, has used timber cladding in the past but has had some reservations due to weathering concerns.

Timber is a wonderful material but weathering is an issue. Many architects like the silver / dark grey appearance that comes eventually, but the results can be hugely variable, depending on orientation and detailing. Clients often prefer a finish that is much more stable and looks like ‘real wood’, something that isn’t quite achieved with a colour stain.

Clive found out about Sioo:x Wood Protection during a chance discussion with a colleague, who recommended it. After reading up about Sioo:x, he found that it would provide the right balance of natural appearance and visual stability that he needed for his next project.

Silver Grey Look - Sioo:x Wood Protection

Sioo:x has been a bit of a break through. It performed beyond my expectations and has put timber back on my list of materials to use.

Sioo:x Wood Protection

A true innovation in wood care technology, Sioo:x's active, natural ingredients combine to enhance the appearance and performance of wood. Sioo:x's 2 step process can rejuvenate damaged/old wood back to health and protect new applications for up to 15 years virtually maintenance free use.

Silva Timber provided me with a sample of Western Red Cedar coated in Sioo:x, which I kept in my garden to weather. This simple test provided even better results that I anticipated.”

The brief for Clive’s next project was for a family home that maximised sustainability within a moderate budget. The design would mix elements of a traditional family house and typical house builder units to create a simplistic exterior – purposefully calm, relying on natural materials to give a feeling of quality. Parts of the exterior were to be clad in timber, finished in Sioo:x.

Sioo:x Wood Protection

Western Red Cedar

Prior to speaking to Silva Timber, Clive specified via the NBS, which had provided variable results, mainly due to his lack of knowledge of Western Red Cedar Grading Rules.

“I have used cedar cladding before and found it can be variable in quality and finish. Visiting Silva Timber’s website and showroom allowed me to understand the grading and standards of Western Red Cedar. Fortunately, this made it clear exactly what the grades meant. It was easy for me to specify Silva Timber's products to avoid product substitutions further down the supply chain.”

The Western Red Cedar No.2 Clear Rainscreen Cladding was finished in Sioo:x Wood Protection. Within two months, the appearance was fully transformed into a beautiful silvery-grey. It’s appearance and structural integrity will be maintained for up to 15 years before it may need re-coating.

With a beautiful range of colour tones, Western Red Cedar is a wonderful natural material that compliments brickwork very well. It is not possible to achieve this aesthetic using any man-made material. Find out more the Western Red Cedar species...

Sioo:x - Grey Wood Protection

Clive Panter is one of many architects who were previously sceptical of specifying timber until now. Clive explains, “Sioo:x has been a bit of a break through and I’m really glad it has worked so well for me. I’m now quite an evangelist about Sioo:x as it’s performed beyond my expectations. It has put timber back on my list of materials to use.

About Clive Panter

Clive Panter is a Director of Architecture at Lewis and Hickey, a progressive, award winning architecture practice with an established reputation for creative design and high quality implementation of master plans, individual buildings and interiors.

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