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Case Study - Silva Timber’s wood protection finds the right tone

Over 300m2 of ThermoWood® cladding pre-finished with Sansin SDF HT has been supplied by Silva Timber to Tower Wood, Lancashire County Council's Outdoor Educational Centre, Windermere.

Set in 12 acres of lawns and woodland, Tower Wood provides outdoor adventure experiences for a wide range of ages and groups.

Thermowood finished with Sansin SDF

ThermoWood® is renowned for high durability and physical stability. However as with all wood, it is susceptible to weathering once exposed to UV rays or moisture from rainfall. During the weathering process, UV rays impact the polymer bonds within the wood substrate. If not protected, the wood cells will become faded and loose, subsequently eroding the wood surface.

As Tower Wood is located on the banks of Windermere, Lake District, humidity also posed a concern for algae growth and moisture damage to any exposed timber.

Thermowood finished with Sansin SDF

In light of all these issues, protecting the ThermoWood® with a suitable wood finish was essential to ensuring the longevity of the wood in exterior applications.

Sansin SDF HT is a wood care solution specifically formulated to protect thermally modified timber. Available in a multitude of colour tones, Sansin SDF HT provides tough, effective protection against UV and moisture damage, particularly in moisture-rich environments. Designed to be highly water-repellent, Sansin SDF HT allows wood to breathe, preventing moisture from getting trapped in the wood and causing damage.

Thermowood finished with Sansin SDF

Lancashire County Council’s in-house Architects team took advantage of Silva Timber’s pre-finishing service, coating all four sides of the wood in optimal factory conditions ready for immediate installation once onsite, significantly reducing labour time. All boards were sanded to ensure maximum penetration and an overall consistent finish.

Throughout the supply and build process, Silva Timber’s Nick Taylor maintained strong communication links with a wide range of stakeholders, providing expert advice to ensure the project went as smoothly as possible.

Thermowood finished with Sansin SDF

Nick commented, “With the project’s proximity to water and the specification of ThermoWood®, it was important that the timber was protected from the outset against weathering and algae growth.

“It is refreshing working with clients such as Lancashire County Council who truly understood the need for protecting wood. For too long the timber industry has been hampered by misinformation about the use of timber cladding. Leaving timber to weather can cause serious damage to the cell structure. Fortunately, Silva Timber have a range of solutions to help make the most of timber.

Thermowood finished with Sansin SDF

“Through meetings and site visits we were able to find the right colour tone (Autumn Gold), which blends in perfectly with the surrounding environment. The beauty of Tower Wood’s design is now safe guarded for years of performance against the elements.”

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