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Case Study - Yellow Balau Hardwood Decking delivers Contemporary Look and Natural Feel


Andrew Farquharson, a longtime customer of Silva Timber, has worked with various types of timber for decking, fencing and garden structures. One of Andrew’s recent projects involved a garden design from scratch. The clients were a young family that were looking for a multi-purpose garden that could be used for entertaining, while still being practical and child-friendly.

Yellow Balau and Sansin DEC

The brief called for a contemporary design, which can be achieved using crisp, clean lines. With this in mind, Western Red Cedar.

The colours of Yellow Balau and Western Red Cedar mix well with the granite to create a contemporary look without feeling clinical.

Yellow Balau Decking

Yellow Balau - Bangkirai - is a very durable hardwood, well suited to deck construction. It is one of the most popular species in the UK for hardwood decking. With a mixture of warm colours of golden browns, light browns and pale reddish-browns, Yellow Balau offers a unique colour range which will sit beautifully within a natural environment.

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Working with Hardwoods

Andrew Farquharson has worked on projects using different hardwoods and softwoods. We therefore asked him what advice he has for anyone buying and installing Yellow Balau Decking.

“All hardwoods take more time and effort to work with. A pilot hole should be drilled first and screws should be countersunk to avoid damage to the boards. This means that installing them will take more time and effort, but in the end, it will provide a better finish and appearance, making it worthwhile.

It's very important to seal the sends with an end sealer, such as Osmo End Grain Wax. This will reduce the risk of crack/splitting. It is also worth noting that Yellow Balau is a very dense hardwood. This of course means that it will be very durable, but also heavy. I would recommend having some help on site to help with the lifting.”

We recommend reading the Installation and Advice Section on our Yellow Balau Product Page for in-depth information.

Sansin DEC

“The clients wished for the colour of the timber to match that of the existing interior flooring”, explains Andrew. This was achieved by finishing the decking with Sansin DEC, in the “Autumn Gold” tone.

Sansin DEC is a formulation of a high quantity of solids and stronger pigmentation so it looks better and lasts longer. Since even the toughest decks need to be maintained regularly, Sansin DEC makes it easy to keep your deck looking beautiful with just a simple clean and maintenance coat. Using only natural ingredients modified for enhanced performance, Sansin DEC bonds with wood rather than forming a film, becoming an integral part of wood's cell structure. It is also completely safe for yourself and the environment.

Yellow Balau and Sansin DEC

About Andrew Farquharson Garden Design

London-based Garden Designer Andrew Farquharson creates stylish, beautiful, year-round gardens and spaces in any location - from small urban gardens, modern roof terraces, courtyards, to traditional country gardens and large rural landscapes.

Telephone: 0208 249 8258 / 07879 400 704

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