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How to construct a slatted screen guide now available

When looking for a new slatted screen or fence, most people think of pre built panels that are available from DIY stores. Pre built panels are often made from very low grade, thin sections of treated wood.  Not only are they unattractive but this type of wood lacks dimensional stability which means it easily twists and warps leaving the fence looking ugly and disappointing.   

Silva Timber’s range of individual components allows the user to design a screen which suits your landscape’s requirements, rather than have to work around, and possibly compromise with a pre-built panel.

A well designed fence can greatly enhance your property’s kerb appeal and by the same token a badly designed low quality fence will detract.

To create a design which best suits your needs, it is fairly easy to build a screen from scratch using components.  Whilst this method may initially seem complicated compared to buying pre built panels, it is fairly straightforward and offers a number of advantages when building your own fence using Western Red Cedar components from Silva.

Screens are simple structures and most can be built using a few simple tools and without any specialist carpentry skills necessary.

Silva have created a guide detailing how easy it is to create a slatted screen. For more information please click here.

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