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Installing slatted screens around a corner

One question we get asked about slatted screens is how to assemble a horizontal fence around a corner. While there are several ways the look can be achieved, the below shows a simple solution which provides a clean finish. 

The images below show a bird's eye view of the installation.;


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Slatted screen around a corner

Install a post in the corner.

slatted screen corner 2

Nail or screw two battens vertically to the posts, attaching the wider side to the post. For example using a 19x38mm batten, the batten should be fixed through the 38mm face leaving the batten 19mm proud of the post. Set the vertical battens 19mm from the corner of the post if you want to completely hide the post once the horizontal battens are installed.

Slatted screen corner installation

Nail slatted screen boards into vertical batten as per slatted screen installation methods.

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