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Why Choose Western Red Cedar Decking?

As a decking material, Western Red Cedar, one of the world's most beautiful woods, simply cannot be beaten.  It has been the deck material of choice for discerning homeowners in North America for many years and here in the UK it is a favourite of garden design professionals, architects and do-it-yourselfers.  Silva has sold Western Red Cedar decking for over ten years, and as a testament to the quality and reliability of the product we still have trade customers buying it today that have been with us from the start.  We have supplied countless residential and commercial Cedar decks including Bristol Marina, the award winning Baden Powell Outdoor Centre on Brownsea Island and even a large deck at the Natural History Museum in London, to name but a few.

Western Red Cedar decks look stunning therefore it is no surprise that it is often selected for its appearance alone; however it has much more going for it than its good looks.  

•    It is highly resistant to decay due to natural oils that occur in the wood.
•    It is extremely stable (probably more than any other species used for decking) so deck boards will lay flat and straight for years to come.
•    It is light in weight making it easy to handle on site and easy to cut and work with
•    It is sustainably harvested from the well-managed forests of British Columbia, Canada

The choice of decking material is just as important as good design and quality construction. In today's environmentally conscious society, the natural choice is Western Red Cedar. Unlike plastic or composite decking which come from non-renewable petroleum based materials, Western Red Cedar is renewable and biodegradable.

All wood used in the outdoors must be protected against decay and insect attack. Not only is Western Red Cedar one of the few woods with its own preservative oils, this means there is no need for chemical treatments that may leech into the ground. Cedar is free of pitch and resin which makes it an excellent base for protective coatings. It is the most stable softwood species, so Western Red Cedar decks stay flat and straight and resist checking.

Western Red Cedar decks are firm yet warm and luxurious underfoot, they are not hard and cold like some hardwoods.  Western Red Cedar does not splinter, so you can walk barefoot on the deck and it provides a safe play surface for children.  The wood is light weight, easily worked and ideal for almost all types of finishes. It has an elegance that complements any architectural style and a beauty that blends into all landscapes.

Don't be fooled by limited warranties or claims of "maintenance" free. Western Red Cedar has centuries of proven performance which cannot be said of new man made products. Furthermore, all outdoor materials (including composite decking) require modest but regular care and maintenance. On a like for like basis, Western Red Cedar requires a similar level of maintenance to alternative decking materials; however, only Western Red Cedar offers a natural beauty that will enhance any outdoor space.

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