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Simplified Western Red Cedar Grading Rules

We have broken down the Western Red Cedar Grading rules into a quick comparison table. For a complete, detailed explanation, please visit our Grading Rules Page. We are proud to offer the highest quality of Western Red Cedar on the market within each individual grade. Visit our Western Red Cedar Cladding Page for more details on each product.

Clear Vertical Grain Heart Select No.2 Clear & Better No.2 Clear & Better (allowing 15% No.4)
Description The finest quality Western Red Cedar available.

A stunning appearance with outstanding properties. Made from fine-grained Western Red Cedar heartwood, providing a consistently flawless product from piece to piece.
Exceeds grading rules for a reliable, high quality material.

Our Select No.2 Clear & Better is of the highest standard and most consistent available. Minimal natural characteristics are permitted, resulting in an exceptional clear grade product.
Superb value for a clear grade cedar.

Occasional knots present which do not detract from overall look.
Grading At Source.
Quality Control at Silva Timber
At Source.
Quality Control at Silva Timber
At Source.
Quality Control at Silva Timber
Grain Width Very narrow Average 6 rings / 25mm Wider grain width permitted
Grain Slope Vertical 1 in 8 1 in 4
Knots None Up to 4 x 13mm knots Up to 4 x 25mm knots
Up to 8 equivalent small knots
Soft Knots None Reverse side only. Up to 9.5mm Face or reverse side
Up to 25mm
Pockets None Small Up to 5 medium sized
Warp None None Light
Checks None None Seasoning
Wormholes None None Very small
White Specks None None Firm
Split None None Short
Sap Stain None None 50% medium
Heart Stain None None Medium
Total Permitted
None Face Side: Up to 3
Reverse Side: Up to 4
More irregularities permitted
Grading Notes Highest grade of cladding produced. Some pieces may exhibit a few minor characteristics that do not detract from their high appearance and quality. 15% of pieces in shipment may contain 4 of the above irregularities on the face side. Characteristic soft knots may extend into the opposite face. Occasional knots present in the 15% of No.4 boards, which do not detract from overall look.
Unless otherwise specified, characteristics on the reverse face can be slightly in excess of those allowed on the face.

For a detailed description of the grades, please visit our Grading Rules page or Contact Us.

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