Cedar Cladding Alongside Render

One of the most popular applications of Western Red Cedar cladding in self-build projects at the moment is to accompany white or grey renders as the exterior envelope of the building.

Alongside sections of sleek, clean looking render and large glass windows, Western Red Cedar adds a soft, natural touch that completely transforms the building. It is amazing how cedar changes the exterior so dramatically - turning an otherwise cold structure into a warm and inviting contemporary building that looks and feels like home.

Silva Timber’s Western Red Cedar cladding is some of the finest available anywhere. All our cladding products are properly kiln dried at source and exceed official industry grading rules. Not all Western Red Cedar is created equal – the much sought after fine-grained wood fibre from the coastal region of British Columbia is our speciality. It is available in a choice of grades, profiles, widths and lengths. Pre-finishing is available in-house; with your timber arriving on site ready to install. Speak to one of our team members today!