Cedar Shingles Are a Natural Choice for Woodland Walkway

In the UK most roofing is made from clay, concrete or slate tiles and timber materials are often overlooked, but in most projects they're a perfect material and for this work nothing else was even considered.

A M Strickland Builders were tasked with creating a covered walkway through remembrance gardens that blended with the surrounding area. The project brief stated that the walkway needed to be constructed with timber that had a good life expectancy and that would also mellow with age to match the surrounding Ash, Oak and Elm trees.

Western Red Cedar is one of the most durable softwoods available, its stability and resiliency made it a perfect match for this project. A M Strickland Builders chose blue label Western Red Cedar shingles due to their appearance and how they would gently age to match the surrounding woodland.

The Local Authority who commissioned the work were so impressed with how the walkway lived up to their expectations, they commissioned two further pieces of work. A curved walkway, octagonal building and two lytch gates to mark the entrance of the woodland walk were added a year after the initial walkway was built, which showcases how the shingles have aged to a silvery grey compared to the newly installed shingles.

The shingles supplied by Silva Timber were of constantly dependable quality with the lowest waste of any roofing product we have ever used and we wouldn't hesitate to use them as our supplier again.

As the site was on a considerable slope, the walkway was built in level step sections following the curves of the existing pathways. Whilst this was the most suitable option for the site, it did create complex curves and connections for the roofing installation. Although Western Red Cedar shingles were chosen for their appearance, their versatility made the challenging installation a breeze.

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Product Marketing Manager