Chic Cedar City Garden

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Fork Garden Design London
Western Red Cedar wide slatted screens
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Fork Garden Design London Western Red Cedar wide slatted screens

When you think of gardens, most people instinctively think of lusciously green grass and plant beds. Some people may use decking to create a lounge or outside dining area but that's probably as far as they go. Fork Garden Design recently transformed a small city garden in the centre of Kentish Town, London using Western Red Cedar wide slatted screens to replace tired fencing, creating a warmer and more natural feel to the garden.

No other material can compete against Western Red Cedar with the warm earthy colours and tight grain patterns providing a beautiful backdrop for your garden. One of the most stable species on the planet, Western Red Cedar is much less susceptible to warping or twisting than other species of wood, meaning those crisp, clean slats stay strong with minimal movement, no matter what the British weather throws at it.

Phillip started with a canvas of a dark, overgrown garden with very steep steps and was asked to create a "child-friendly, low maintenance garden that provided the largest useable space possible". The main challenge for this garden overhaul was that the garden was raised with steep level changes, becoming a concern for the homeowner's toddler. Fork Garden Design used decking to provide safe and easy access to the top of the garden whilst also creating an interesting layout with clever seating and storage areas. This different use of decking provided the family with a low maintenance garden whilst creating a child-friendly and stylish garden space all in one.

"Western Red Cedar was used in this project to provide a natural feel to the garden as the decking and lawn used were artificial. The fencing was kept to 5mm gaps between the boards to ensure the neighbour's fencing couldn’t be seen, keeping the aesthetic of their new garden."

Philip Woodburn, FORK Garden Design