Cladding Boards Get New Life As Fencing

Our homes are like our own little world and nobody wants that little piece of Eden shattered by the neighbour’s dog poking through the gap in the fence, let alone a whole school full of children looking in.

West Bridgford Fencing & Landscaping were hired by homeowners to create a contemporary fence that was different from standard fencing but also blocked out the view of the school car park and kept prying eyes out.

Security was also a concern as the homeowners didn’t want their proximity to the school making their garden a potential route in or out for anyone. The solution to these various needs was to use Western Red Cedar shiplap cladding boards as fencing.

The homeowners would certainly have something unique to their neighbours, that was also contemporary. The shiplap profile of the boards created an interesting feature facing into the garden whilst providing a completely flat surface on the opposite side, meaning there was no way for anyone to climb over into the garden.

This interesting use of cladding shows that you don’t always have to use things in the traditional way and how a little creativity can transform the outcome of your project.

About the Author

Alison Evans

Product Marketing Manager