NEOLIFE® Wood Composite Cladding

  1. Clad 4 Sun
    NEOLIFE® Clad 4 / 14 Composite Cladding
    From £80.08 per sqm (inc VAT) From £66.73 per sqm (ex VAT)

NEOLIFE® Wood Composite Cladding

What is wood composite cladding?

The composite material used to make NEOLIFE cladding is made from wood fibres from sustainably managed European forests. All the product’s wood fibres come exclusively from sawmill offcuts, with no toxic additives, solvents, adhesives or phthalates. Plus, it doesn’t generate toxic emissions.

Why choose NEOLIFE Wood composite?

NEOLIFE® wood composite cladding provides the perfect blend of eco-friendliness, practicality, durability and is virtually maintenance-free.