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Western Red Cedar SAWtex V-Joint Cladding

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18 x 86mm 18 x 137mm
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Square Metre £35.39 £39.29

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A & Better Clear

When you’re looking to achieve an effortlessly modern look indoors or externally, you’re guaranteed a high-end contemporary appearance thanks to the clean lines of this Western Red Cedar V-Joint profile with SAWtex textured finish.

Whether installed horizontally or vertically, the simple bevel at both edges of the face creates a very neat, yet subtle, V-shaped shadow line effect along the joint that accentuates the height or width of any façade.

Its lightly textured surface creates a visible wood grain effect. It can be used externally or to great effect internally where it will exude a feeling of warmth and cosiness on ceilings and feature walls. This cladding profile would look impressive in a coffee shop or restaurant, where it would help create an instant feeling of comfort and wellbeing.

We have limited stocks of this profile which we are selling at a heavily reduced price. Its not a standard stock item, it comes and goes as and when we can source it, so if we have what you need we suggest you snap it up before it goes.

At a glance

  • Sold in packs of 6 boards
  • Beautiful old growth British Columbia coastal-grown cedar
  • Kiln dried to 12-15% moisture content
  • Not pre-sorted – please read full description
  • PEFC Certified

Please ensure when ordering that you make an allowance for wastage. We recommend adding an additional 10-15% over and above your initial requirements.

The finest tight grained Canadian Western Red Cedar

The finest tight grained Canadian Western Red Cedar

Cedar cladding produced from one of the highest grades commercially available: 'A & Better Clear' (comparable to No. 2 Clear & Better) and a high percentage of the boards are vertical grain, making it even more desirable. Although the grading rules allow occasional small knots, you probably won’t find any at all. The wood fibre is British Columbia old-growth Western Red Cedar and it comprises almost entirely of heartwood. It is produced by Terminal Forest Products, a Canadian manufacturer whose quality standards surpass anyone else in the cedar industry.

Limited availability – grab it while you can!

Occasionally we are able to source limited quantities of this product which we offer on the Specials List at a very attractive price whilst stocks last. The caveat is that we don’t sort the boards in any way, it’s just sold in packs of 6 as it comes into us. You will encounter some occasional damage and imperfections which will need trimming out. By optimising boards – i.e. planning the position of each board and cutting accordingly – you will recover a very high percentage of material. We therefore recommend factoring a higher wastage allowance than the normal 10% to allow for trimming. Note also that this cladding is graded from the textured face only and intended for installation with this face exposed.

Visible wood grain creates a beautiful warm look

The fine sawn textured face gives this cladding a beautiful natural appearance that makes the wood grain more visible and exudes character and a feeling of warmth, adding an extra layer to its appeal.

The textured surface also accepts and retains finishes better than a smooth surface. The open grain allows finish to penetrate deeply and consistently into the wood, so not only will it look better – with a richer and more even colour - it will last longer in between maintenance coats too (studies by wood scientists have shown up to 3 times longer).

Kiln Dried

This cladding is kiln dried to a moisture content of 16-18% (+/-2%), the optimal moisture content for external cladding in the UK. Among its many benefits over air drying, the kiln drying process enables the boards to dry uniformly to achieve optimum dimensional stability. It also enables immediate application of coatings and minimises site acclimatisation. For more information on the benefits of kiln dried timber click here.

Surface Texture

This v - joint cladding has a SAWtex® textured face.

The SAWtex® face will accept and retain finish significantly better than the planed face, thus improving appearance and minimising future maintenance.

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Size:18 x 86mm


Lineal Metres per Square Metre: 12.82

Size:18 x 137mm


Lineal Metres per Square Metre: 7.75

* Coverage information includes 2mm expansion gap.

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Coverage Rates

 Board Length    Board Quantity    Linear Metre Coverage    Square Metre Coverage - 19 x 86mm    Square Metre Coverage - 19 x 137mm  
0.915m 6 5.49 lm 0.42m2 0.70m2
1.22m 6 7.32 lm 0.56m2 0.93m2
1.52m 6 9.12 lm 0.69m2 1.16m2
1.83m 6 10.98 lm 0.83m2 1.39m2
2.13m 6 12.78 lm 0.97m2 1.62m2
2.44m 6 14.64 lm 1.11m2 1.86m2
2.74m 6 16.44 lm 1.25m2 2.09m2
3.05m 6 18.30 lm 1.39m2 2.32m2
3.35m 6 20.10 lm 1.53m2 2.55m2
3.66m 6 21.96 lm 1.67m2 2.79m2
3.96m 6 23.76 lm 1.81m2 3.02m2
4.27m 6 25.62 lm 1.95m2 3.25m2
4.58m 6 27.48 lm 2.09m2 3.49m2
4.88m 6 29.23 lm 2.23m2 3.72m2
5.18m 6 31.08 lm n/a 3.95m2
5.49m 6 32.94 lm n/a 4.18m2
5.79m 6 34.74 lm n/a 4.41m2
6.10m 6 36.60 lm n/a 4.65m2


This particular grade is a bi-product of 'A & Better' and 'Clear Vertical Grain' grades, the two highest grades of Western Red Cedar cladding that are commercially available. 

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  • PEFC
  • Trada member
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