Classic Cheshire Garden Uses Yellow Balau Hardwood Decking

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Clare McEnery, Parmé Design Cheshire
Yellow Balau Hardwood decking
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Clare McEnery, Parmé Design Cheshire Yellow Balau Hardwood decking

Clare McEnery designs classic and contemporary gardens, with each individual project tailored to the requirements of her clients. This particular Georgian house in Cheshire had recently been finished by a developer; however, the new owners felt that the back garden needed a refresh.

The back of the house overlooked fields, but the large garden itself did not promote the relaxation that could be provided by the views. It was comprised mainly of basic paving and a lot of gravel, with no areas for planting.

Desiring a more attractive area that could be used for both entertaining and relaxing, Clare was entrusted to design a garden that was relatively low maintenance without obstructing the views. Clare explains,

"When I first saw the garden I immediately thought to create something very clean and elegant, with a ‘veranda’ feel; something that could be enjoyed fully from any part of the garden and kitchen."

Within Clare’s design is a raised ‘relaxing’ area, where sofas are gathered around an outdoor fireplace for an intimate feel. This area was distinguished from the rest of the garden by introducing a new material. Since this material should provide a calming effect, Clare proposed that one of Silva Timber’s species of hardwood or softwood decks would be used. Having also considered Silva Timber’s Ipé, Iroko and Western Red Cedar, the preferred material was Yellow Balau Hardwood Decking.

About Yellow Balau Hardwood Decking

Clare, as well as the client, are both really pleased with the resulting outdoor space. Clare continues,

“The client chose Silva Timber’s Yellow Balau Hardwood for its classy look, good quality and the way it feels underfoot. It warms up rather nicely in the sun. If the area was paved in the same way as the rest of the garden, it wouldn’t have that warmth or the ‘separate area’ feel. It is such a lovely place to sit with a cup of tea or glass of wine and just relax and drink in the view.”

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