ThermoWood Pine Coated Wood

  1. Uncoated ThermoWood Pine 142mm V-Joint Tongue & Groove
    COLOURTECH™ Factory Coated ThermoWood® Pine V-Joint T&G Cladding - Trend Series
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ThermoWood Pine Coated Wood

ThermoWood Pine is produced by means of a thermal modification process that improves the wood’s properties. Finnish grown European Redwood (Scandinavian Pine) is heat-treated to temperatures in excess of 200 degrees Centigrade creating ThermoWood ‘D’.  

Without protection the lifespan of ThermoWood ‘D’ can reach up to 30 years in optimum environments, but, by applying a surface coating, you can achieve 60+ years if applied at the outset and maintained periodically. 

ThermoWood Pine from the COLOURTECH range features a prepared surface texture (Preptex) for optimal coating penetration and performance.

Our specially curated range of stunning translucent and opaque colours includes:

Natural finishes – Maintain, as-close-as-possible, the original colour of the wood with a pigmented coating specially created to match your chosen wood species.

Weathered finishes - Attain an installation-ready weathered grey look or allow the wood to weather naturally over time with WoodForce.

Trend Series – Choose from our handpicked 'Trends Colours' – a selection of stunning natural, saturated and solid on-trend colours for guaranteed kerb appeal.