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FIN/Trim Head Climatek GRK Screws

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Silva Timber is the exclusive distributor for GRK Fasteners™, manufacturer of 'The Industry's Toughest Screws'. All of GRK's products are built to last and have unique labour saving features.

At a glance

60% off Climatek screws

  • Smallest screw head on the market
  • W-Cut thread prevents most material splitting
  • Excellent when a discreet screw head is required
  • Climatek protects against damage from the natural elements

The smallest screw head on the market

The smallest screw head on the market

An excellent choice where a discreet screw head is desired

The small head, along with the W-Cut™ thread design, prevents most material splitting

Pre-drilling is only necessary if the building material's limitations require a pilot hole to be drilled

Self-tapping screws with a W-Cut™ thread design and Zip-Tip™


Why use GRK Screws?

GRK Screws are packed with unique features, saving you time and money:

  • CEE Thread enlarges the screw hole, increases the drawing strength, reduces friction, lowers the driving torque and reduces splitting
  • Drive into hardwoods and softwoods easily without pre-drililng
  • W-Cut™ Thread Design - patented design acts like a saw blade, cutting through fibrous materials and reducing the amount of torque required to install the screw
  • Zip-Tip™ - designed for fast starts in any fibrous materials

GRK Screws won't fail where others do, driving in effortlessly and significantly reducing the installation time

Climatek™ is exclusive to GRK products. Originally designed for the Navy, GRK has adapted this coating for fasteners and rigourously tests it to meet and exceed all standards. GRK's Climatek™ coating is virtually indistinguishable from brass and its colour matches almost all wood finishes.

GRK Fasteners revolutionary Climatek™ coating is available only on GRK products.

GRK's Climatek™ coating consists of a total of six layers of various materials, including three layers of zinc-polymer.

Climatek™ has been tested for salt spray resistance, and more importantly, for Kesternich durability. Kesternich cycles are a more advanced way of testing a coated material. Each Kesternich cycle simulates heat, cold, wind, water, salt as well as a variety of other elements, whereas salt spray merely uses salt water for its tests.

Climatek™ passed 29 Kesternich cycles, making it the most advanced coating of its kind.

PHEINOX™ stainless steel products are hardened and come with a limited lifetime guarantee against staining and rusting.

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Star Drive Bits

The FIN/Trim Head Climatek™ screw takes the following bit sizes:

  • 4.0 (#8) gauge - T10
  • 4.5 (#9) gugue - T15

One star drive bit is supplied free of charge with each 1000 (or part thereof) screws ordered.

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FIN/Trim Head Climatek Packs

The following sizes are available from stock reduced by 60% off list price (applied at cart):

Material: Climatek

Gauge Length Handy Pak Pro Pak Bulk Box SAVINGS
4.0 50 100     60%
4.0 60 100     60%
4.0 70 100 544   60%
4.0 80 100 514   60%
4.5 60 100   2900 60%
4.5 70 100 390  60%
4.5 80 100    60%
4.5 100 50    60%
4.5 125 50    60%
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