ThermoWood Pine Decking

  1. ThermoWood® Pine Decking
    ThermoWood® Pine Decking
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ThermoWood Pine Decking

What is ThermoWood Pine?

ThermoWood Pine is produced from Finish-grown European Redwood (Scandinavian Pine) which is heat-treated to temperatures in excess of 200 degrees centigrade using a process of heat and steam. 

 Why Choose ThermoWood Pine?

This thermal modification process changes the composition of the wood leading to a durable, dimensionally stable and resin-free product. With an attractive, warm brown colour which is consistent throughout each piece, and a service life of up to 60 years (when correctly detailed), ThermoWood Pine lends itself beautifully to creating a stunning feature deck.

Is ThermoWood Pine sustainably sourced?

The timber used to produce Silva ThermoWood Pine is sourced from well managed and sustainable forests which are fully certified under the Pan European Forestry Certification (PEFC) scheme. 

Why chose Silva Timber?

Silva stocks everything you need to build a superb ThermoWood Pine deck. In addition to decking, our product range includes weed suppressant membrane, concrete piers, structural timbers (beams/joists), structural screws, joist hangers, connectors, stainless steel deck screws, and a wide range of coatings and cleaning products.