DIY Enthusiast Transforms Unsightly Air Raid Shelter Into a Stunning Western Red Cedar Shed

Paul Hankinson, a DIY enthusiast had an unsightly air raid shelter in his garden. “I could not completely remove it so I was looking to construct a garden building to take its place”, said Paul. He did not have a vision of what materials would be used to build the structure, but it had to have a high-quality look and feel.

Paul found Silva Timber through our website when searching for wood shingles and after some browsing, concluded that Western Red Cedar would be the perfect choice for the cladding and roofing of his garden building.

“After looking through their website, I visited Silva Timber’s showroom and warehouse a few times. The staff were very helpful, and they gave me some really good ideas about my build.”

Paul wanted to use a solid colour stain on his cladding, so Silva Timber’s Western Red Cedar Finger-Jointed Tongue & Groove Cladding. Presented excellent value for money without compromising appearance. “Silva Timber offer boards in various lengths – I found this especially cost-effective”, adds Paul.

“I was pleasantly surprised about how easy Western Red Cedar was to work with using simple tools in my shed. It can be sawn easily, doesn’t splinter and warp like other timber.” Paul also used Western Red Cedar Shingles, which he really enjoyed working with."

Solid Colour Stain

The economical Western Red Cedar Finger Jointed Tongue & Groove Cladding is a perfect match for a solid colour stain. Owatrol Solid Colour Stain is premium finish available in 50 colour options and comes with a 15-year warranty.

Certigrade™ No. 1 Grade (Blue Label) Western Red Cedar Shingles

Highly durable, attractive natural appearance, outstanding insulation properties and easy installation, Western Red Cedar No.1 (Blue Label) Certigrade™ Shingles offer a fantastic alternative to traditional roof tiles or wall cladding. The only renewable roofing resource with 50+ year life expectancy and R-Value insulation four times that of cement fibre, Western Red Cedar Shingles are nature’s ultimate roofing product.

Western Red Cedar Shingles are attractive by nature and perfect for traditional or modern builds. They are regularly specified for both residential and commercial use. Their rich, warm colour and texture allows them to blend beautifully in any natural environment. Over time, natural ageing and weathering gives them an attractive silvery grey colour.

Not all Western Red Cedar Shingles products are alike. Buying Certigrade™ Western Red Cedar Shingles ensures quality, adherence to grading rules and consistency from bundle to bundle. Asking for ‘the blue label’ or ‘number one blue label’ is not specific enough. Always specify Certigrade No.1 Grade Blue Label Western Red Cedar Shingles.

As UK experts in Western Red Cedar, Silva Timber offer a wide range of grades in stock for immediate delivery, alongside advice, technical support and downloadable BIM Objects.
An extremely versatile material

Paul’s project is the perfect example of how Western Red Cedar can transform an entire landscape. The unique features of this natural product allow it to be both harmonious with surroundings and central to the build. Want to know more about Western Red Cedar?