DIY Garden Project

DIY project shows how simple it can be to create stunning roofing solutions.

The Requirements

The client, Gerry Gault, required a roofing solution for his DIY garden project. After looking at a number of options, Gerry decided to go for a quality solution which would stand the test of time and came across Eastern White Cedar shingles. Following conversations with Silva's customer services team, Gerry decided to place an order.

Product Specification

Gerry opted for Silva Timber's Rustic Grade Eastern White Cedar Shingles for the roofing:-

  • Characterful texture and rich colour provides a unique natural beauty
  • FSC Certified timber from a sustainable, renewable resource
  • Unique cell structure for excellent insulation properties
  • Naturally resistant to moisture, decay and insect damage


As the build was a DIY project, Gerry spent a lot of time researching roofing installation and wanted to choose the correct product to provide the best possible roofing experience. Once Gerry started working on the roof he found the job very enjoyable and despite concerns about the naturally uneven sizing of shingles he was able to finish each row perfectly following some careful thought and planning.

Gerry also decided to use surplus shingles to create ridge caps by creating a bevelled edge and narrowing from the butt to create a flat-lying cap. To create a neat end to the ridge he started from each end which met in the middle and completed his roofing project over a weekend.

Using Eastern White Cedar shingles for roofing provides a naturally beautiful roof which complements the surroundings perfectly. The stability of Eastern White Cedar means the roof should require minimal maintenance and last for years to come.

Customer Testimonial

Gerry Gault's comments:

"Silva Timber replied very promptly to my initial enquiry and delivered the shingles a day earlier than expected. I have to say that putting shingles on a roof is one of the most rewarding tasks I have come across. The whole experience has been a pleasure and the end result is even better than I had expected"