Elegant Decking Makeover Using Cedardeck Clear

Green Onion Landscaping regularly constructs high-end decks for their clients using Silva Timber's Western Red Cedar decking. Their client in this particular project had a standard pressure treated decking area that was old, weathered and worn. With their garden desperately needing a makeover, Andy Smith from Green Onion Landscaping proposed an elegant solution.

"The deck area was very large and we felt that it required a decking material that wasn't only durable, but one that they could show off. We recommended a clear grade of Western Red Cedar because it looks absolutely wonderful and is timelessly classy.""The varying colour tones of Western Red Cedar make it feels more like artwork rather than just a decked area."

About Western Red Cedar Cedardeck Clear

Silva Timber's Western Red Cedar Cedardeck Clear is the finest clear cedar decking product in the UK. As a material, it is very durable, stable and with the correct treatment, will last for decades. What places it beyond any other alternative, however, is the way it appeals to the senses. Western Red Cedar's unique range of colour tones are warm, rich and inviting; it also has a delightful smell and feels sublime underfoot.

As seen in this project, matching Western Red Cedar railing is also available in stock.

Green Onion Landscaping are experts in decking, having also worked with pressure treated decking wood as well as composite decking in the past. We asked Andy why it is that he frequently recommends Western Red Cedar Cedardeck Clear to his clients.

"Cedardeck Clear is our favourite cedar product. We think it looks stunning, it has a timeless appearance and smells great. From experience, we find it is very durable and fantastic to work with. We have introduced many new clients to the Western Red Cedar species and their projects all look amazing. These projects promote our business as well as Western Red Cedar really well.

We feel that you always get a good, clean cut with Western Red Cedar as opposed to other decking materials. The varying colour tones are very noticeable and bring the project to life. It feels more like artwork rather than just a decked area.

We expect a lifespan of at least 15-20 years from Western Red Cedar decks. It weathers really well and is not prone to rot. However, like any other decking material, it does need to be treated and maintained to help it keep its beautiful colour.

Overall, we think Western Red Cedar Cedardeck Clear is so much more attractive than any other decking material available. The client loved her new decking area, especially how it looks and smells."

About Green Onion Landscaping

Green Onion Landscaping are Stockton based garden landscaping experts. They are a team of professional, creative landscape gardeners, all of whom have been working in the garden landscaping industry for over 40 years collectively.

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