Factory Primed Finger-jointed Western Red Cedar Cladding - more information

Factory primed finger-jointed Western Red Cedar cladding from Silva represents nothing short of phenomenal value for money. 

This product is sourced direct from one of North America’s biggest and best manufacturers of speciality Cedar products.  During the past decade our supplier has invested millions of dollars in state of the art machinery to turn short lengths of very high quality Western Red Cedar into desirable defect free long lengths which are then machined into cladding and trim profiles.  The quality of the machining is of such a high standard that if you close your eyes and run your hands across it you will not feel the joint.  Once factory coated with primer the joint is barely visible and when installed and finished with the final top coats the joints are pretty much invisible.  This not only means faster installation with less waste, but also the finished look of the building is neater as there are fewer field joints.  

Wood cladding finished in solid colours (rather than semi-transparent stains) is becoming increasing popular here in the UK.  Aside from the aesthetic appeal of black, muted greys, classic greens etc. there is also a practical advantage to using a solid colour in that it requires recoating much less frequently than a transparent or semi transparent stain.  As an example of the longevity of a solid finish, Owatrol Solid Colour Stain comes with a 15 year warranty, even when it is site applied by the end user.

We are often asked the question ‘Why hide the natural beauty of Western Red Cedar with a solid colour, why not just use pine instead?’  The answer is that Cedar’s appearance is only one of a number of natural attributes that combine to make it a near perfect material for external cladding.  It has an excellent insulation value and is a highly durable species.  It also has outstanding dimensional stability which means that boards lie flat and stay straight during their service life.  These natural characteristics combined with the fact that Western Red Cedar can be machined to a silky smooth finish and it contains no pitch or resin combine for an exceptional ability to accept and retain many different types of finish.  The complete absence of knots and other defects in our finger-jointed primed Cedar cladding also helps to make it the perfect substrate for finishing with a solid colour.  It will give your finished project a high end look that could not be achieved with a lesser species.  Despite its consistency and lack of natural defects and characteristics it is still evident that our finger-jointed primed Western Red Cedar is very much a natural wood product.

What is finger-joint cladding? 

The history of the finger-joint is believed to have begun with wooden fruit and vegetable boxes or crates. Finger joints were originally cut by hand with saws and sharp chisels.  Nowadays the use of glued or finger-jointed wood in construction is commonplace.  There are even advantages to using finger jointed wood over solid wood.   For example the glued joints are extremely strong, in fact stronger than the wood itself.  Finger-jointed cladding and trim boards are also more dimensionally stable therefore they are more likely to be perfectly straight when they are delivered to site and will remain that way throughout their service life.

Relatively new to the UK market, finger jointed Western Red Cedar has been used successfully in North America for many years where it is readily accepted by builders, architects and homeowners.

Making efficient use of valuable wood fibre, finger jointed Western Red Cedar creates long, straight, defect free lengths of cladding and trim from short but high-grade lengths of timber. Advanced technology exterior weather-resistant glue is used to bond the short lengths together to endure exposed conditions. Once machined into profiles, factory primed and finished, the precision fitted joints are virtually invisible and are actually stronger than the surrounding wood fibre.  For this reason our supplier is able to offer an incredible 50 year warranty on the material.

Primed finger-jointed Western Red Cedar cladding is supplied with one coat of factory applied grey primer ready to be either factory finished or finished manually on site with a solid colour.   It is available ex. Stock from Silva Timber in 5 cladding profiles and 6 trim profiles