Decking Cleaning and Restoring

Cleaning and Restoring

Don't use bleach! Besides damaging grass and landscaping, it can damage your wood! If your deck looks dirty, grey, and old beyond its years, restore its natural colour and beauty with Net-Trol Cleaner and Brightener. Unlike bleach-based deck cleaners, the gentle detergents in Net-Trol remove surface and ground-in dirt - even nail or screw stains - without damaging the sensitive fibres of the wood. It also works with the wood's natural chemicals to restore faded colour. Net-Trol won't harm surrounding plants or shrubs.


How to apply Net-Trol

Carefully read the entire Net-Trol label. Before cleaning your deck with Net-Trol, sweep away any loose debris; then wet the surface with a garden hose. Mix one litre of Net-Trol with up to four litres of water. For extremely dirty wood, add less water for increased strength. We recommend one part Net-Trol to two parts water for decks which haven't been cleaned within the last year. It can even be used full-strength to remove tough stains.

Apply the Net-Trol solution with a stiff bristle brush or roller. Do not use a wire brush. As you brush, you'll see the rich colour of the wood coming back to life. Remember to wear rubber gloves if you're going to hand-clean your deck.

After brushing the entire surface, allow the Net-Trol solution to work for 20-30 minutes. This gives the detergents time to remove the ground-in dirt, and also allows the brightener to bring out the wood's natural colour. For maximum cleaning power, it's important to keep the deck wet during the cleaning process. Once you're finished, simply rinse off the remaining solution with water and let dry for at least two days. (If you have a pressure washer, rinsing with 750-1,000 psi will do a thorough job.) Sunny, breezy weather helps quicken the drying time. Clean with Net-Trol once or twice a year to maintain your deck's natural beauty.


I have stained/finished my deck; however it’s now flaking off?

Our recommendation in this situation is to restore the timber back to its natural state. In order to achieve this and remove the existing, flaky stain we recommend an application of Net-Trol. Net-Trol is a safe, one-part cleaner that cleans and restores wood, removing old stains. If the existing stain is persistant, we also supply Prepdeck; a powerful semi-professional stripper/cleaner specifically designed to remove coatings such as deck oil; care should be taken and directions on the tins should be follwed at time of application.

When existing stains/finishes have been completely removed, the key thing to remember when re-staining is to select a finish that is suitable for the purpose. Products that are intended for use on vertical surfaces such as cladding tend to coat the surface of the timber, these are properties that do not lend themselves to flat surfaces such as your deck that are subject to high foot traffic. A surface coating stain can tend to wear away under heavy traffic and particularly the movement of timber as it responds to changes in moisture content throughout the seasons. This is the primary cause of peeling and 'flaking'.

To finish your deck we recommend using a quality penetrating oil. Penetrating oils are specifically developed to penetrate deep into the wood rather than coating the surface. A penatrating oil provides long lasting protection against moisture damage, offering UV resistance and at the same time enhancing the woods natural beauty without peeling or flaking.

We stock two penetrating oils specifically designed for finishing decking projects, Tex-Trol and Bio-Wash Natural Deck Oil.