FAQ - Decking Treatment

Finishing a New Deck

To keep your new Cedar deck looking new longer, and to protect it while it weathers, treat it with Seasonite New Wood Treatment immediately.

Exterior wood can shrink and swell as it absorbs or loses moisture. Seasonite New Wood Treatment protects new wood when it's most affected by the elements - during the critical first year. That's why it's essential to include treatment with Seasonite when you're planning the initial care of your wood. It's important that all wood weathers properly before you apply a penetrating oil finish like Textrol for long-term protection. During this weathering period, excess water evaporates from the wood, and the mill glaze wears off smooth wood, allowing the wood fibres to open up. Only after this happens is the wood porous enough to accept a penetrating finishing coat.

An immediate application of Seasonite to your deck provides a slow, steady, weathering period. The movement of moisture into and out of the wood is controlled. In addition, Seasonite helps maintain the wood's natural colour and keeps it looking new longer.

How To Apply Seasonite

Read the entire Seasonite label before beginning. Prior to applying Seasonite, ensure that the wood you'll be treating is free of all loose debris. Cover any areas you don't want to be treated, such as plants and bushes, with a plastic sheet. Stir thoroughly. Whether you use a brush, roller, or garden sprayer, apply an even coat of Seasonite over the entire surface. Ensure enough Seasonite flows between boards, and into cracks to saturate the end grain. Allow 12 hours drying time. Do not apply any other finishing coat with Seasonite. Let the wood weather for about 12 months before staining or finishing with a penetrating oil such as Textrol Clear Wood Finish.