FAQ - General

What is the average life span of a cedar roof?

The longevity of a roof depends on many things: the grade and quality of the product used, the quality of the application, climate, exposure, and maintenance. The average life span is approximately 30 - 40 years.


Are decks slippery in wet weather?

Any outdoor surface can become slippery if periodic maintenance is not performed, specifically timber and decked areas. If the decked surface is left to weather then over a short period of time mildew and algae deposits can begin to form, these deposits are the main cause of a slippery deck.

Our recommendation is to give your decked surfaces a frequent brush throughout the year with a stiff broom to remove any build up; care should be taken to remove fallen leaves and other organic matter from the deck surface. Once a year you should clean the deck off by brushing down and hosing off with water any residue, power washers can be used, however care should be taken not to damage the deck.

Why should I purchase smooth deck boards and not grooved deck boards?

In Europe grooved deck boards are presumed to have greater "anti-slip" properties when compared to that of smooth decking; however there is no evidence to suggest that they perform any better or worse than plain decking. If you consider that the majority of timber decks, boardwalks and piers built around the world are surfaced with smooth timber boards, and that smooth decking is widely used for ship building where surface traction is a necessity, experience would favour and suggest that smooth decking has the greater "anti-slip" quality.

In America grooved decking is unheard of; however the choice of deck board material is a matter of personal preference. Western Red Cedar is the timber of choice in America, due to the natural beauty, stability and resistance to insects and fungus it is fast becoming the timber of choice in the UK.