Fence Boards

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Fence Boards

The architectural importance of fencing is often overlooked. Fencing plays a significant part in any garden design. 

As well as defining the property, the materials and style selected set a tone to your garden space.  Wood fence panels create a backdrop for the enclosed landscape.

An almost unlimited number of fence styles can be designed and built using Silva's fence and slatted screen components–from a simple solid board cedar fence panel that provides privacy to horizontal fencing that creates a smart, modern fencing look.

Western Red Cedar is becoming increasingly popular in the UK as a very modern contemporary material, used by successful garden and landscape designers to create beautiful, high-end outdoor spaces. The correct use of slatted screen fences, decking and cladding can turn even the smallest of gardens into luxury urban spaces with a premium feel.

Protecting your fencing and slatted screens ensure that your choice of timber will deliver a long-life span.   By using products such as Sansin Wood Sealer or Sansin SDF colour stain you can enrich the natural characteristics of the wood or add your choice of colour an outdoor space.

Silva Timber offers a factory coating service to speed up your preparation time.  Factory coating significantly improves coating penetration when compared to the application by hand.