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Western Red Cedar Slatted Screen Fence Kits

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Price From: (exc VAT) £152.39 (inc VAT) £182.87


Silva Timber's slatted screen kits provide you with all you need to construct your own stunning horizontal fence. Simply measure your boundary line, then choose the kit which is closest to your requirements. Battens can be easily sawn with simple tools should a particular kit not fit your design exactly.

At a glance

  • Easy to build slatted screens
  • All you need to create a Western Red Cedar slatted screen fence
  • Choose the linear metre option which suits you best
  • Surfaced on 1 side and 2 edges. Lightly textured on reverse side
  • Kit includes Western Red Cedar battens, posts and nails

Create an architectural look that provides visually interesting shadow lines and texture.

A Western Red Cedar slatted screen creates an architectural look that provides visually interesting shadow lines and texture within outdoor spaces. Built with horizontal boards, the aesthetic appeal of this style of screen lies in its simple clean lines and appealing proportions.

Slatted Screens made easy

Two versions of the screens are available, with either a 1.83m or 2.44m spacing inbetween posts and a 19mm space in between each horizontal batten. Both screens are designed to provide a 1.83m high fence.

Slatted screen kits include:

  • 19 x 38mm Western Red Cedar Battens (plus extra 1.83m battens to use vertically for stability inbetween posts)
  • 90 x 90mm Western Red Cedar Knotty Grade Square Posts (2.44m)
  • Stainless Steel Annular Ringshank Nails

The kit has all the material you need to make a standard slatted screen fence, other than concrete to set the posts. Construction is simple and requires basic tools to create. 

To see how to construct a slatted screen fence click here.

Slatted screens can enhance a garden's style with a contemporary look:

• Creates a surface with ever changing patterns of light and shadow
• Provides a wonderful backdrop for plants and foliage
• Truly versatile - slats available in a variety of widths and length allow you to create unique visual rhythms and proportions
• Simple installation methods transforms landscapes instantly
• Provide privacy without complete obstruction
• Horizontal boards are more effective at screening against wind than a solid fence
• Can provide shade without sacrificing natural light
• Define boundaries within the garden - separate relaxation areas from storage space.

A well designed and carefully built screen can provide a wonderful focal point for an outdoor space, so choosing the correct material is paramount. No other material compares to Western Red Cedar in terms of appearance, with beautiful warm colours and tight grain patterns providing a stunning natural material.

Stability is also key for slatted screens. To maintain the crisp, clean lines that are essential to the overall look of the screen it is important to choose a material that is less susceptible to warping or twisting. Being one of the most stable wood species on the planet, Western Red Cedar fits the bill perfectly.

Silva Timber's Western Red Cedar makes perfect sense:

• Highly durable and long lasting
• Exceptional stability means Cedar boards remain flat and straight
• Clear grade Western Red Cedar offers unrivalled beauty
• Being light in weight, Cedar is easy to cut and handle on site, reducing build time
• Beautiful tones and grain patterns
• A proven performer in all types of climate, so its a natural product you can rely upon

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Western Red Cedar slatted screens are a stunning and straight-forward way to transform any garden or landscape. Follow our simple guide on how to construct a slatted screen fence.

image description

Case Study

Western Red Cedar slatted screens in a contemporary garden with a high level of sophistication

Finishing & Protection

It is recommended that a finish is applied to all surfaces, including ends, before installation. The type of coating will be determined by the final finish and appearance desired.

Why Pre-finish?

  • Enhances the natural beauty of wood
  • Ensures a consistent finish
  • Applied in factory conditions
  • Long lasting protection against weathering
  • Simple maintenance routine
  • Reduces onsite labour costs

Sansin Enviro Stains

Easy to apply and maintain, Sansin Enviro-stains deliver outstanding performance. Sansin's range of wood protection products are available in 80 colour tones

What is weathering?

There is a risk involved when leaving wood exposed to the elements. During the weathering process wood can appear unsightly as the material can blacken due to moisture getting into the fibres and pulling out tannins and extractives. Finish protects the wood from moisture absorption and UV degradation.

What to expect from timber products

When working with timber it should be expected that although ‘on-grade’, occasional boards may have minor imperfections that will require ‘working’ if you wish to eliminate.  Examples include raised grain, small splits, minor handling marks, sticker marks etc – all of which can easily be remedied by trimming, gluing or sanding.  In most cases imperfections can be removed with very little effort, and the small amount of off cuts generated as a result will be absorbed in the normal cutting and selection allowance. 

Note: Battens are surfaced on one side and two edges. This does not necessarily mean the boards are smooth.

Kit Contents

Batten Spacing: 19mm
Fence Height: 1.83m
Packs of Nails: 1 or 2 - as appropriate

Fence Length Batten Length Number of Panels Post Spacing Post Quantity Batten Quantity
1.83m 1.83 m 1 1.83 m 2 33
2.44 m 2.44 m 1 2.44 m 2 34
3.66 m 1.83 m 2 1.83 m 3 66
4.88 m 2.44 m 2 2.44 m 3 68
5.49 m 1.83 m 3 1.83 m 4 99
7.32 m 1.83 m 4 1.83 m 5 132
7.32 m 2.44 m 3 2.44 m 4 102
9.15 m 1.83 m 5 1.83 m 6 165
9.76 m 2.44 m 4 2.44 m 5 136
10.98 m 1.83 m 6 1.83 m 7 198
12.20 m 2.44 m 5 2.44 m 6 170
12.81 m 1.83 m 7 1.83 m 8 231
14.64 m 1.83 m 8 1.83 m 9 264
14.64 m 2.44 m 6 2.44 m 7 204
16.47 m 1.83 m 9 1.83 m 10 297
17.08 m 2.44 m 7 2.44 m 8 238
18.30 m 1.83 m 10 1.83 m 11 330
19.52 m 2.44 m 8 2.44 m 9 272
20.13 m 1.83 m 11 1.83 m 12 363
21.96 m 1.83 m 12 1.83 m 13 396
21.96 m 2.44 m 9 2.44 m 10 306
23.79 m 1.83 m 13 1.83 m 14 429
24.40 m 2.44 m 10 2.44 m 11 340
25.62 m 1.83 m 14 1.83 m 15 462
26.84 m 2.44 m 11 2.44 m 12 374
27.45 m 1.83 m 15 1.83 m 16 495
29.28 m 1.83 m 16 1.83 m 17 528
29.28 m 2.44 m 12 2.44 m 13 408
31.11 m 1.83 m 17 1.83 m 18 561
31.72 m 2.44 m 13 2.44 m 14 442
34.16 m 2.44 m 14 2.44 m 15 476
36.60 m 2.44 m 15 2.44 m 16 510
39.04 m 2.44 m 16 2.44 m 17 544
41.48 m 2.44 m 17 2.44 m 18 578


Western Red Cedar is the ultimate green building material. It is legally, responsibly and sustainably harvested in the publicly managed forests of British Columbia, Canada. Less than 1% of standing timber is harvested each year.

For each tree harvested, three are replanted to ensure the forests will exist in perpetuity. Western Red Cedar has a low impact on the environment throughout its life cycle. It requires significantly less energy to produce than man-made alternatives and is bio-degradable.


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