Siberian Larch Fencing

  1. SILVALarch™ Siberian Larch Slatted Screen Boards
    SILVALarch™ Siberian Larch Slatted Screen Boards
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Siberian Larch Fencing

With its lustrous golden-brown colour and striking grain patterns, Siberian Larch is a highly attractive wood species.  Its good looks and physical/mechanical properties make it much sought after for exterior applications such as cladding, decks, fences and screens. 

The most amazing feature of Siberian Larch cladding is its natural resistance to decay with a proven life expectancy of 50+ years (when correctly detailed).

What are the differences between the Siberian Larch grades?

SILVALarch™ fence boards are available in 2 grades. Boards are graded numerous times at source and then again at Silva Timber during the production process.

SILVA A - the highest grade (comparable sawn grade ‘Unsorted’), containing the largest amount of mostly clear timber.

SILVA B - our most popular grade (comparable sawn grade ‘saw falling’) allows slightly more knots and other natural characteristics than A.

Siberian Larch cladding from Silva can be supplied factory coated enabling it to be installed at any time of year regardless of the weather or temperature.