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Western Red Cedar Slatted Screen Battens

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A Western Red Cedar slatted screen creates an architectural look that provides visually interesting shadow lines and texture within outdoor spaces. Built with horizontal boards, the aesthetic appeal of this style of screen lies in its simple clean lines and appealing proportions.

Recommended Posts: 90 x 90mm Standard Posts

Recommended Nails: 40mm Flat Head Stainless Steel Annular Ring Nails

Recommended gap between battens: 19mm

Recommended gap between posts: Up to 2.44m

As a guide, a 6ft high (H1.83m) fence requires 32 battens of your chosen length, plus an additional batten per bay to act as a centre support.

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Please ensure when ordering that you make an allowance for wastage. We recommend adding an additional 10-15% over and above your initial requirements.

Create a beautiful Western Red Cedar screen

Available in two grades


Standard cedar battens have a light texture on all four sides and have square corners. Standard battens are available in lengths up to 2.4m


Premium cedar battens are planed smooth on all four sides and have rounded (eased) corners. Premium battens are available in lengths up to 4.8m

Slatted screens can enhance a garden's style with a contemporary look:

  • Creates a surface with ever changing patterns of light and shadow
  • Provides a wonderful backdrop for plants and foliage
  • Truly versatile - slats available in a variety of widths and length allow you to create unique visual rhythms and proportions
  • Simple installation method transforms landscapes instantly
  • Provide privacy without complete obstruction
  • Horizontal boards are more effective at screening against wind than a solid fence
  • Can provide shade without sacrificing natural light
  • Define boundaries within the garden - seperate relaxation areas from storage space

A well designed and carefully built screen can provide a wonderful focal point for an outdoor space, so choosing the correct material is paramount. No other material compares to Western Red Cedar in terms of appearance, with beautiful warm colours and tight grain patterns providing a stunning natural material.

Stability is also key for slatted screens. To maintain the crisp, clean lines that are essential to the overall look of the screen it is important to choose a material that is less susceptible to warping or twisting. Being one of the most stable wood species on the planet, Western Red Cedar fits the bill perfectly.

Silva Timber's Western Red Cedar makes perfect sense:

• Highly durable and long lasting
• Exceptional stability means Cedar boards remain flat and straight
• Clear grade Western Red Cedar offers unrivalled beauty
• Being light in weight, Cedar is easy to cut and handle on site, reducing build time
• Beautiful tones and grain patterns
• A proven performer in all types of climate, so it's a natural product you can rely upon

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How to build a Western Red Cedar Slatted Screen Fence


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For best results use stainless steel annular ring shank nails. These have thin shanks and blunt points to reduce splitting. Nails should be driven with care into the framing members. Hand nailing is recommended as heavy nailing by pneumatic nail guns can cause wood distortion and splitting. 

What to expect when working with timber

When working with timber it should be expected that although ‘on-grade’, occasional boards may have minor imperfections that will require ‘working’ if you wish to eliminate. Examples include raised grain, small splits, minor handling marks, sticker marks etc – all of which can easily be remedied by trimming, gluing or sanding. In most cases imperfections can be removed with very little effort, and the small amount of off cuts generated as a result will be absorbed in the normal cutting and selection allowance.


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