Timber is a beautiful, natural and versatile material that cannot be replicated by any man made product.  It is the only building material that is naturally renewable and truly sustainable.

Timber is manufactured from trees which have developed naturally and responsively to their environment.  Being a 100% natural product it varies from one piece to another, each having variations in grain patterns and colour. 

We understand that for the uninitiated buying timber can be a daunting process, so this section of the website has been written with the novice in mind.  We’ve attempted to explain how and why timber is graded and what to expect when you receive a delivery of timber from us.  We’ve also included relevant sections from the grading rules, and to help you understand these rules we’ve included definitions of natural characteristics and manufacturing irregularities.  By the time you have read and digested all this, you will probably know more about the subject than most of the staff at your local timber merchant!

Whilst there is no doubting the importance of grading rules, it should be stated that the same grade can differ from one supplier to the next, just as the quality of apples will differ from one greengrocer to the next.  Here at Silva we’ve gone to great lengths to source the very best products available.  Rather than buying on an ‘ad-hoc’ basis from a series of different suppliers we prefer to form long term relationships with reliable mills that focus on quality and consistency. 

We are confident in the quality of our products and we want you to be confident with your purchase, which is why we invite you to visit our premises in Widnes to see our products first hand before placing an order.  We even encourage you to visit our competitors first so that you can compare our quality to theirs.

For more information on various aspects of timber grading, please see the links below.
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Cladding Grading Documents

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Decking Grading Documents

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[Grading Rules] Western Red Cedar Cedardeck (Architect Knotty)- 40 x 140mm

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