How to read a Certi-label

All Silva Timber Western Red Cedar Shingles and Shakes conform to the Cedar Shingle and Shake Bureau Certi-label grading rules. Each bundle is strapped with a label containing important information to distinguish it as a Certi-brand graded bundle.

The below image shows what to look out for on a bundle. Remember, just having a blue label is not enough to be classed as a Certi-brand Shingle or Shake product and may contain off-grade shingles.

Certi-label Western Red Cedar Shingle and Shake


1. The "Certi" Brand Name - your quality assurance
2. Product Grade
3. Product Type
4. Independent Third Party Control Agency
5. Number here shows compliance with total quality manufacturing system
6. Mill name, location and phone number
7. Industry product description


8. Product dimensions
9. Cedar Bureau Label Number
10. Building Code Compliance Numbers
11. Product performance texts these materials have passed
12. Label identification number
13. UPC Code
14. Coverage chart showing bundles per 100 square feet and recommended exposure
15. Application instructions on reverse side