Ipe is the Superior Decking Solution for Switzerland Chalet With Jaw Dropping Backdrop

David Ellis made a lovely chalet in Switzerland his home and soon noticed that it lacked an area where the jaw-dropping scenery could be appreciated. His plan to replace his existing garden with a garage would create the opportunity to build a large, elevated terrace where the view could be enjoyed.

Since the modern concrete garage provides a stark contrast against the very traditional wood chalet, the overall feel of the house would be dictated by the outdoor living space. David explains that the contrast is deliberate. He continues,

"I think it works well architecturally. However the terrace is a living area and I wanted to soften it and make it match the wooden house, so I was always going to use a natural organic material."

During a trip to Lake Como in Italy, David saw an Ipé deck and knew that would be the material of choice for his terrace. Upon doing some research, he also found that Ipé was, in fact, a superior decking material, which was a bonus.

"I found Silva Timber to not only be price competitive, but also a very knowledgeable company – easy to deal with and reliable.

About Ipé Hardwood Decking

Ipé (pronounced “ee-pay”) is a tropical hardwood with unique performance characteristics that has earned a reputation as one of world’s toughest and best-performing wood species. Its incredible durability, dimensional stability and attractive appearance make it particularly well suited for decking and other exterior applications.

The general appearance of Ipé heartwood is a lustrous rich reddish-brown colour, however, closer inspection will reveal colour tones ranging from light to very dark olive brown, often with distinctive thin veins of lighter or darker striping.

Both TRADA in the UK and the U.S. Forest Products Laboratory have classified Ipé as ‘Very Durable’ (25-year service). This is the highest rating available.

Although he lives in Switzerland, David made the long journey to Silva Timber's southern branch in Hillingdon to collect the Ipé deck boards for his terrace.

"Although I could have sourced Ipé in Switzerland, I found that the local knowledge was lacking. Having looked across Europe, I found Silva Timber to not only be price competitive, but also a very knowledgeable company – easy to deal with and reliable."

At Silva Timber, we pride ourselves on the knowledge of our staff, who are happy to find the right solution for individual projects. Our confidence in the products we supply allows us to be very transparent – we encourage customers to read about Grading Rules and view Unpacking Videos to learn about the product before purchasing.

"The quality of the product was excellent and the collection was straightforward and trouble free. Moreover, I was sold the most appropriate products. 12 months later, I’m still very pleased."

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Alison Evans

Product Marketing Manager