Kiln Dried Treated C24 Stress Graded Deck Joists

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When constructing a deck it is important to have consistent joists that are regular in size and as straight as possible. Deck joists, or carcassing as they are commonly known, vary greatly in quality from one supplier to the next. Joists are commonly supplied either 'sawn', 'regularised' or 'planed all round', depending on the supplier. We stock planed-all-round deck joists as they are consistent in size and easier to handle and work with, making them the most desirable.

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Kiln Dried Treated C24 Stress Graded Deck Joists

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At a Glance

  • Available in two widths - 45 x 95mm / 45 x 145mm.
  • Kiln-dried, pressure treated and C24 stress graded.
  • PEFC Certified.
  • Planed all round for size consistency and handling ease.
  • 5 lengths available.

Silva's Deck Joists are graded to comply with BS 5268.

Our deck joists are kiln dried, regularised, pressure treated and C24 stress graded. They are planed all round with 4 eased edges (rounded corners) and PEFC certified.

Kiln Dried joists

Silva's joists are kiln dried to below 20% moisture content, to minimise any risk of shrinkage once in situ, therefore largely reducing potential remedial work at a later date.

Graded joists

Timber must be graded (and dried) if it's to be used in internal structural applications as stipulated by building regulations. Timber is graded to either C16 or C24. Here all the structural properties of the timber are quantified. Eg Species, Knot Size, and Type, Slope of Grain, Tightness of grain, Compression Wood, Rot, etc. C24 grade can only be achieved by imported timber. Homegrown timber from UK sawmills will make C16 only and so will have reduced span capability. 

Regularised lengths

Although the sawing process is a lot more accurate than it was some years ago, by regularising the timber the end user can be sure that in whatever application each piece will have consistent and 'regular' size. It is also more visually appealing.

Local Delivery

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£45.00 / £95.00 depending on location.

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Please note: As with most building supplies, delivery is to the kerbside only.


Scheduled Collection


Typically within 48 hours (subject to stock availability).