Mandioqueira creates seamless transition for indoor outdoor living

Space is something we can never have enough of in our homes, everything from layout to the furniture used is chosen to provide the best use of the available space. As families grow and run out of room, the most common way forward is to extend the house.

That’s what Chris and Lily Lamb had planned for their 1950s dormer bungalow when the layout didn’t work for their young family anymore. In need of more space, Chris and Lily had initially planned to extend out into the garden but were persuaded that actually the garden could become like another room with the right design.

Taking part in Inside Out Homes on Channel 4, Chris and Lily worked with architect Zac Monro to create their perfect home in their perfect location. The original base of the house was kept but a new open plan layout was designed. A new first floor was built to create larger rooms with large dormers to let natural light flood in.

Chris and Lily had decided that any deck they had would need to last a long time so narrowed their search to hardwoods. Having only really heard of Yellow Balau, Chris rang Silva Timber for advice of a hardwood species that would look similar to the internal oak flooring and discovered Mandioqueira. The colour and interesting grain pattern of Mandioqueira put it ahead of other hardwoods and the price sealed the deal.

The decking area was used to work with large sliding glass doors to create a seamless transition from the house to the garden. To maximise the functionality of the deck, a sunken seating area was created with Mandioqueira, wide steps lead out into the garden and a hot tub has been built into the end of the deck.

Wanting to keep the natural colour they fell in love with, Chris and Lily have applied a clear UV finish to the deck to help protect against fading and water damage.

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