Mandioqueira decking provides superb outdoor living space

The tropical forests of Bolivia, spanning a huge expanse of 118 million acres, are incredibly diverse. Although abundant in supply, one of the lesser commercially known species of hardwood found in these forests is Mandioqueira. It is very versatile and well suited for use in decking. It is mostly straight-grained and has a light golden brown appearance. In 2015, Silva Timber became the sole UK supplier of this fully FSC certified tropical hardwood.

The colours of Mandioqueira appealed to Norm Thomas, who had recently finished the interior of his home and wanted the colour tones used to flow out into the garden area. Out of Silva Timber's variety of hardwoods, he felt that Mandioqueira suited his project best.

"I couldn't be happier with my deck. It looks fantastic. I've recommended it to my friends, one of which is already looking to purchase Mandioqueira from Silva Timber."

Norm Thomas

About Mandioqueira

Mandioqueira is a naturally decay-resistant wood species that offers excellent performance characteristics at an attractive price point. It comes with full FSC certification. This economical hardwood decking is kiln dried and is rated as having class 3 durability, making it suitable for exterior use out of ground contact, and ideal for use as decking. Mandioquiera is also used for boat and shipbuilding, outdoor furniture and other carpentry and joinery applications.

Have you considered finish? For Mandioqueira we recommend Sansin Dec, in one of these colours: Roasted Almond / Butternut

Sansin Dec is a formulation of a high quantity of solids and stronger pigmentation so it looks better and lasts longer. Since even the toughest decks need to be maintained regularly, Sansin Dec makes it easy to keep your deck looking beautiful for much longer than possible with other products on the market. It is available in over 78 colour tones.