Minimum Order Value

A £450 (ex VAT) minimum basket value is applicable to all orders containing cladding, decking, and fencing/screening where you see this notification:

Minimum Order Value
There is a £450 (ex VAT) minimum basket value applicable to all orders containing cladding, decking, and fencing products. Read the full details.

Other items (e.g.; woodcare, ancillary items etc) can be used to top up the basket to meet the minimum value.

Delivery charges do not count towards your basket total.

There is no minimum order value when buying all other items (including clearance and special buy items).

Example: Minimum Order Value Not Achieved

In the example below, the minimum order value has only reached £ 414.72 and is not above £450 (ex VAT) minimum.

Example: Minimum Order Value Achieved

In the example below, the value of timber is £414.72, under the minimum order value. The total in the basket is £462.13 and is above the £450 (ex VAT) minimum order value.