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NEOLIFE® Cladding

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Price per linear metre £15.85 £19.02
(exc VAT) £15.85 (inc VAT) £19.02


NEOLIFE® Clad 4 & NEOLIFE® Clad 14

For the perfect blend of eco-friendliness, practicality, durability and good looks, NEOLIFE® wood composite cladding boards are ideal for any modern, sustainable construction project.

Clad 4 (6 x 4cm ribs per board) and Clad 14 (2 x 14cm ribs per board) cladding are made from Vesta X-Resist, which consists of over 80% of environmentally-sourced wood fibres for a natural finish that still has a very intense wood scent.

Clad 4 & 14 have a contemporary slatted look with regular grooving and strong shadow lines for ventilated facades with or without insulation. Boards can be fitted vertically or horizontally, with the option to combine the two for a unique design.

NEOLIFE® cladding is available in 6 natural colours tinted throughout the material with UV resistant mineral pigments. A range of colour matched accessories is also available.

NEOLIFE® Clad 4 and Clad 14 is not available to order online, however it is in stock ready for immediate delivery. For expert advice and an instant quotation please call us 0151 495 3111.

Price per Linear Metre: £17.00 (Clad 14) / £18.22 (Clad 4)

Price per Square Metre: £55.26 (Clad 14) / £59.22 (Clad 4)

Please call for pricing

At a glance

  • Eco-friendly cladding boards
  • Available in 2 profiles - Clad 4 (6 x 4cm ribs per board) and Clad 14 (2 x 14cm ribs per board)
  • Dimensions: 300mm x 28.5mm x 3.25m
  • Made from Vesta X-Resist, which consists of over 80% of environmentally-sourced wood fibres
  • Fit vertically or horizontally
  • Supplied in 6 natural, UV resistant colours
  • Colour matched accessories also available
  • Easy to install
  • Water and insect resistant

Quick and easy to install

The cladding is very light, at 12kg for Clad 4 and just 9kg for Clad 14 per square metre board. They can be interlocked for guaranteed equal and parallel grooves, and with discrete, tinted-head screw fastenings, they can be installed extremely quickly with a flawless finish.

Dimensionally stable and colourfast

NEOLIFE® products are extremely stable under heat, only expanding 1.2mm per linear metre in temperatures over 50°C and 2mm / m in temperatures over 80°C. In fact, this cladding is as stable as aluminium under heat. The use of mineral pigments in the cladding help it to retain its colour long-term under UV exposure.

Resistant to nearly everything

The revolutionary Vesta X-Resist is water resistant, insect resistant and is easily cleaned if scratched or vandalised.

The environment’s best friend

The composite material used to make Clad 4 & Clad 14 is made from wood fibres from sustainably managed European forests, and doesn’t contain any toxic products, adhesives or heavy metals.

Vesta X-Resist

Much of today’s construction industry is heavily invested in sustainability projects. NEOLIFE® isn’t just eco-friendly, but looks good, installs easily and is maintenance free.

Developed in partnership with European eco-material experts, Vesta X-Resist consists of over 80% recycled wood fibres from sustainably-managed European forests, with no tree-felling or harmful additives produced.

VESTA wood fibres benefit from a thermal treatment which adds extra dimensional stability. The formula, reinforced with mineral resin, lignin and antioxidants enables a remarkable mechanical resistance as well as outstanding design.

The “Vesta” part stands for Vegetal Ecological Stable Timber Advantage. X-Resist indicates the material’s resistance to fungi, moss, insects and adverse weather.

Designed for eco-construction

Vesta X-Resist is a material in high demand by architects, landscapers and design offices working on eco-projects across Europe. It’s thermofusible, so can be moulded into high precision profiles – just like plastic. Also, it looks and even smells very similar to real wood.

Eco-friendly and super clean

All the product’s wood fibres come exclusively from sawmill offcuts, with no toxic additives, solvents, adhesives or phthalates. Plus, it doesn’t generate toxic emissions.

Stands up to whatever’s thrown at it

Having undergone a thermal treatment, Vesta X-Resist is very water resistant, and the mineral pigments offer a strong resistance to UV making the colours stable. It’s free from splinters, doesn’t need any maintenance and stays in great shape for years.


NEOLIFE® is a manufacturer of truly 21st century construction materials. They are dedicated to providing professionals with the materials they need to create work and living spaces of the future.

Founded by construction professionals with extensive industry experience, NEOLIFE® allows architects, landscapers, design offices and building technicians to meet all modern specifications for individual and multi-unit housing, commercial buildings and urban spaces.

NEOLIFE® products are known for their functional intelligence for quick installation, and perfect finish for instant visual appeal, both of which reduce the time construction workers spend on-site.

Intelligent design that’s made to fit

All NEOLIFE® products are designed by a team of architects, engineers and builders, with the aim of preventing the typical obstacles of building projects. Components are quick and easy to install on new builds or refurbishments, and they fit together perfectly. They’re also designed for easy dismantling and recycling.

NEOLIFE® Vesta – a reinvention of wood

Made from over 80% of recycled wood fibres from sustainably-managed European forests, NEOLIFE® Vesta products are designed for eco-construction and sustainability projects. They look and smell like natural brushed wood, and are resistant to fungi, moss and insects.

Created in France, made for the world

Since architectural styles, standards and job site methods vary between countries, NEOLIFE® takes a flexible approach to solving local problems for construction professionals globally, always offering solutions derived from environmental, sustainable and locally-sourced materials.

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