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Osmo Teak Oil Spray - 400ml

£27.54 (inc VAT) £22.95 (ex VAT)

Osmo Teak Oil Spray helps protect, maintain and enhance the appearance of Teak hardwood products, in particular, garden furniture, decking, fencing and gates.

Osmo Teak Oil Spray - 400ml

Price: £27.54
Inc. VAT
Price: £22.95
Excl. VAT
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At a Glance

  • Size: 400ml spray.
  • Easy spray application.
  • Protects, maintains and enhances exotic hardwood garden furniture, decks and fencing.
  • Satin-matt finish.
  • Water-resistant, dirt-repellent and simple to maintain.

Providing a satin-matt, smooth finish, Osmo Teak Oil Spray is highly water-resistant, dirt-repellent and offers easy maintenance.

Osmo Teak Oil Spray provides a high coverage rate. As a micro-porous finish, Osmo Teak Oil Spray allows the wood to breathe, regulating the moisture content and minimising the risk of splitting, cracking, peeling or flaking.

With easy application, no sanding is required during maintenance, simply spray on a further coat! The resulting surface from Osmo Teak Oil Spray is tested to be resistant against liquids such as wine, beer, soft drinks, tea, fruit juice, milk and water etc, in accordance with German regulation standards.


Natural products

Osmo uses food-safe, natural ingredients for the basis of their wood finishes, waxes and pigments, including sunflower, soya, linseed and thistle oil, which is good for customers and wood alike.

Osmo products contain disaromatised white spirit to ensure finishes spread easily, removing the need for so-called "Green solvent" materials which can cause allergies.

Natural beauty of oils and waxes

Wood is a natural material, the cell structure, similar to our skin, can take on and release moisture, it breathes. To ensure that this exchange is not prevented we have created finishes especially suited to the character of the wood.

Osmo natural wood finishes are based on oils and waxes, the oil penetrates into the wood surface, protecting from deep within. The waxes form an elastic, micro-porous surface which protects the wood from external influences. The wood remains naturally beautiful, protected and durable.

Usage & Application

Number of coats recommended: 2.
Drying time (to touch): 12 hours.
Time to re-coat (between applications): 12 hours.
Usage: protects, maintains and improves the appearance of garden furniture made of teak and other hardwoods.
Recommended application: for best results wood surface must be clean, dry and frost-free (moisture content max. 18%).

Approximate Coverage

5-10 square metres per litre with one coat on smooth wood.

Coverage will vary depending on the type of wood, age and surface texture.

Application & Maintenance Advice

Surface preparation

  • Ensure the wood surface is clean, free from dust and loose fibre and dry. 
  • Existing paints, coats and varnishes must be removed prior to application.
  • If possible, apply an initial coat to all sides of the wood before installation when protecting new wood. 
  • For hardwoods with especially high oil content, leave to weather for about 2-3 months. 

Osmo Teak Oil Spray

  • Shake the can well and test before use. 
  • Spray approximately 25cm from the surface.
  • Ensure any area you do not wish to finish it covered up prior to application.
  • Wipe off any surplus fluid with a cloth once sprayed.
  • Leave to dry for approximately 12 hours, then spray a second time.
  • When recoating as a maintenance finish, one coat is usually sufficient.
  • Clean the spray nozzle after use.  

Drying time

Osmo paints dry through oxidation - therefore require good ventilation to dry. Approximately 10-12 hours should be expected per coat. 
Make sure furniture is thoroughly dry before putting into use. 


Osmo Teak Oil Spray provides a very simple surface to clean. Simply use a moist cloth. Particularly difficult stains can be removed with Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner.  

Always refer to the packaging and relevant safety information before using Osmo Teak Oil Spray.

No sanding required

Osmo natural wood finishes can be simply recoated without the need for sanding. This also allows for users to touch up small areas quickly.

Exceptional Coverage

Containing a high quantity of pigments and oils, Osmo wood finishes leave a stunning surface finish after just one or two coats, without the need for a primer or base coat.

This means you can achieve near to double the square meter coverage with just one tin compared to an ordinary finishing system.

When It comes to the Osmo paint range, no pre-priming is required, saving time and money.

Natural Ingredients

Osmo Teak Oil Spray is based on vegetable oils. These natural ingredients penetrate into the timber, keeping it flexible and healthy and preventing drying or brittleness.  

Environmental Concerns

Osmo Teak Oil Spray is free from biocides or preservatives. 

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