Pixie Cabin Using Western Red Cedar Shingles

Thanks to their attractive appearance, insulation, durability and lightness, Western Red Cedar Shingles were the perfect choice for roofing this unique and wonderful portable shed - the Pixie Cabin. This was designed by Mark Burton, Tiny House UK, who also created the Cozy Cottage.

Being fully mobile with a trailer as its base, a lightweight yet durable roofing material was essential for the Pixie Cabin. The Pixie Cabin was built on top of a trailer, which means it is fully mobile. The lightweight nature of Western Red Cedar was essential to allow this design to work effectively. This cabin is a finalist in the readersheds.co.uk Shed of the Year 2015 competition and has featured on various media outlets including Channel 5.


Mark explains how it was built:

"The Pixie Tiny House Cabin is our little gem built from mainly leftover bits of timber from past projects, discarded pallets, broken branches, logs and trees! She is used as our site office, tool box, tea hut, office, dry area on rainy days and above all, being fully mobile, makes a great advertisement for our company services.

Pixie is fully equipped with all the essentials to make our working day more comfortable especially during the cold winter months. The small log burner not only keeps us warm but is great for drying out damp work wear and keeping the coffee warm. The cabin is powered by rechargeable power packs that run the low voltage lighting but can also supply enough electricity for small power tools."

Certigrade Western Red Cedar Shingles

Cedar roof shingles and shakes are renowned for their insulation qualities, dimensional stability and natural resistance to the elements. Cedar roof shingles contain a natural preservative making them extremely durable in their natural state.

For quality assurance, always specify Certigrade Western Red Cedar Shingles. The term Blue Label is actually a registered trademark of the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau association which has over 250 member companies. Be aware that just because a supplier puts a label in a blue colour on its bundles does not mean that it’s on grade or third-party inspected. Certigrade Western Red Cedar Shingles are inspected by legitimate, third-party agencies, accredited by the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau.

Silva Timber is a Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau member. The Bureau monitors and inspects member mills to ensure product quality, grading rules and consistency of Certi-Label cedar shingles and shakes are maintained.