Premium Cladding Counter Battens - Use Class 3 - 25 x 50mm

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Silva Premium Cladding Counter Battens are produced from high-quality kiln-dried softwood. In the cold Northern European climate, trees grow very slowly. This is a result of the winters being long and cold, leaving only a short summer growing season. The result of this slow growth is the best possible straight-grained timber with tightly packed growth rings. This tough, dense straight-grained timber with low internal tension is what gives our cladding battens a superior strength, dimensional stability, and premium finish.  

Battens are regularised with eased edges, which makes handling and working with them easier than sawn battens. The fact that they are machined to a mainly smooth finish and a consistent size speeds up the build process and produces a neater, more accurate finished job.

Silva Premium Cladding Counter Battens are pressure treated with preservative to comply with BS8417 for Use Class 3 application: external (above ground) and exposed to frequent wetting. 

Sourced from well-managed and sustainable forests with FSC certification.

There is a £450 (ex VAT) / £540 (inc VAT) minimum basket value applicable to all orders containing cladding, decking, and fencing products. Read the full details.

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  • Product Name: Premium Cladding Counter Battens - Use Class 3 - 25 x 50mm
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Premium Cladding Counter Battens - Use Class 3 - 25 x 50mm
SKU: PCB2550

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SKU: PCB2550
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Product Details

  • Size: 25 x 50mm
  • Profile: Machined with eased edges.
  • Surface texture: Smooth (some sides have a lightly textured surface).
  • Moisture Content: Kiln dried to under 20%. 
  • Features: Few knots, no wane, no splitting.

Usage: When installing vertical cladding boards, it is necessary to fix 35x45mm horizontal battens to either 25x50mm or 35x45mm vertical counter battens to allow drainage and vertical circulation of air through the cavity.

Preservative Treated: Silva Premium Cladding Battens are pressure treated with preservative to use class Use Class 3 application in line with BS8417. The timber undergoes a process of drying, pressure-treating with a chemical preservative, then drying again to make it suitable for exterior (above ground) use.

Regularised: Machined smooth with eased edges, so all its dimensions are regular and accurate, making handling and installation quicker and easier.

Sourcing / Certification: Silva Premium Cladding Battens are sourced from well-managed and sustainable forests and come with FSC chain-of-custody certification.

The Use Class System

Softwood species exterior construction components classified as semi or non-durable must be pressure treated, before installation, with an approved preservative to provide the service life required. Its intended end-use situation governs the amount of preservative protection required. These are categorised according to a Use Class system, which is detailed in a British/European Standard BS EN 335-1.

Use Class 3: External above ground.  Exposed to frequent wetting.  Includes external joinery; roof soffits, fascias and bargeboards; cladding, valley gutter timbers; external load bearing timbers. 

Cladding Support

Where cladding battens are installed over a timber frame structure, they are normally fixed into the solid timber studs through the breather membrane and sheathing board at maximum 600mm centres.  Where cladding battens are installed over a masonry structure, they are normally fixed at maximum 600mm centres using suitable plug and screw type fasteners. 

Support battens should not exceed 600mm spacing, whether vertical or horizontal, to limit the span of the cladding board.  For diagonal cladding, the battens should not exceed 400mm centres, unless the battens are also installed diagonally.

Understanding Use Class 3

Understanding Use Class 3 pdf.


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