R4 Multi-Purpose Climatek GRK Screws

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Silva Timber is the exclusive distributor for GRK Fasteners™, manufacturer of 'The Industry's Toughest Screws'. All of GRK's products are built to last and have unique labour saving features.

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R4 Multi-Purpose Climatek GRK Screws

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At a Glance

60% off Climatek screws.

  • Self countersinking.
  • Transports drill dust away while cutting perfectly clean screw hole.
  • Screw head closes hole off with precision.
  • Climatek protects against damage from the natural elements.

Self-countersinking into even the hardest woods.

Cutting pockets under the head transport drill dust away while cutting a perfectly clean screw hole.

Screw head closes the hole off with precision, leaving no damaged fibres around the head.

CEE thread (on 50mm and longer R4™ screws) enlarges the screw hole, increases the screw's drawing strength, reduces the friction on the screw shank and lowers the driving torque.

Why Use GRK Screws?

GRK Screws are packed with unique features, saving you time and money:

  • CEE Thread enlarges the screw hole, increases the drawing strength, reduces friction, lowers the driving torque and reduces splitting.
  • Drive into hardwoods and softwoods easily without pre-drilling.
  • W-Cut™ Thread Design - patented design acts like a saw blade, cutting through fibrous materials and reducing the amount of torque required to install the screw.
  • Zip-Tip™ - designed for fast starts in any fibrous materials.

GRK Screws won't fail where others do, driving in effortlessly and significantly reducing the installation time.

Climatek™ is exclusive to GRK products. Originally designed for the Navy, GRK has adapted this coating for fasteners and rigorously tests it to meet and exceed all standards. GRK's Climatek™ coating is virtually indistinguishable from brass and its colour matches almost all wood finishes.

GRK Fasteners revolutionary Climatek™ coating is available only on GRK products.

GRK's Climatek™ coating consists of a total of six layers of various materials, including three layers of zinc-polymer.

Climatek™ has been tested for salt spray resistance, and more importantly, for Kesternich durability. Kesternich cycles are a more advanced way of testing a coated material. Each Kesternich cycle simulates heat, cold, wind, water, salt as well as a variety of other elements, whereas salt spray merely uses saltwater for its tests.

Climatek™ passed 29 Kesternich cycles, making it the most advanced coating of its kind.

PHEINOX™ stainless steel products are hardened and come with a limited lifetime guarantee against staining and rusting.

Star Drive Bits

The R4™ Climatek multi-purpose screw takes the following bit sizes:

  • 4.0 (#8) gauge - T15.
  • 4.5 (#9), 5.0 (#10) - T25.

One star drive bit is supplied free of charge with each 1000 (or part thereof) screws ordered.

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